Guide To Error C00D11BB In Windows Media Player

Error C00D11BB or Unsupported Protocol has not had a single solution presented here.  Below is a list of steps taken by others with the problem that worked in their case.


General Information

  • Most of the time you will receive this when you are trying to stream a file over a protocol used by another program.  Examples of this would be a stream in RealMedia.


  • Download and reinstall Windows Media Player.  Don’t try and uninstall it first.
  • Navigate to Tools | Options | Files Types in WMP.  Highlight the extension that you are having problems streaming, make sure it’s checked and press Ok.
  • If your system has RealPlayer or RealOne installed try the steps below.
    • Open RealPlayer, go to Tools, Preferences, File Types tab.  Look under File Types.  Uncheck everything except RealAudio and RealVideo files.
    • Uncheck the box to make RealPlayer the default player.
    • Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools | Internet Options | Programs and check Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser.
    • 3) Reinstall Windows Media Player.  Select all supported file types when asked.
    • 4) Restart your PC and then try and access the stream.
  • Check HTTP and Uncheck Multicast, UDP, TCP under Tools | Options | Network
  • Select all Streaming Protocols that you just disabled from above.

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