C00D11CD Guide Hits 10,000 Web Views!

Well, me little guide to Error 0xC00D11CD in Windows Media Player has now had 10,000 web views!  I guess I posted it maybe one month ago.  I idea is to better hit the Google searchers when they type in their error code.  I’m still not at the top for C00D11CD, but thats cool becuase fellow Digital Media MVP Marc Liron is!  I’m getting to the top in some of the less known errors like C00D1163, C00D11D4, 800C0008 and so on. Guide To Error C00D11CD In WMP (Unknown Error)http://msmvps.com/chrisl/articles/10729.aspx

I-O Data’s New Network DVD/Media Player

Over at eHomeUpgrade they have posted on a cool new DVD Player that will be released in Japan, and hopefully later in the US.  The main appeal to me is that the AVeL LinkPlayer will play WMV9 content at 1280×720!  Not only that it will play DivX, Xvid, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2.  On the audio side it will be able to play AAC, MP3, WMA, PCM WAV, and OGG.  It will also support images, file formats include JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and resolutions of this can be a max of 2048×1532!   The ports on this device also look very nice.  Including DVI outputing … Continue reading I-O Data’s New Network DVD/Media Player

Product Support For Windows Media Player

Many problems you can run into with Windows Media Player do not have fixes or solutions that have been provided by the community.  Remember, if you are trying to find a solution on the Web, Newsgroups, Etc then you are just in a large community of people that are trying to help each other out by providing information.  This wil not always give you the answer that you are looking for or that helps you out.  So, when you get to that point Product Support is the next step. Important Fact:  If you get to the step where you are … Continue reading Product Support For Windows Media Player

More iTunes Sharing Software [OurTunes]

CNET News is reporting that a new software application is out that allows users to share Libraries in iTunes over the internet.  Both AAC and MP3 files can be traded (Not Protected Files).  According to the report from CNET, “OurTunes works only among computers that share a network, however. That means that students or employees can swap songs on a local network, but cannot use it to browse computers on the Internet…” This is the three or forth problem that iTunes has run into.  From hacked DRM systems, to sharing Libraries over the web, iTunes seems to be running into … Continue reading More iTunes Sharing Software [OurTunes]

Guide To Error C00D0BC2/C00D0BC4 In Windows Media Player

General – Troubleshooting Playback Error’s C00D0BC2/C00D0BC4 or The requested audio codec is not installed on this system can have a few different solutions depending on exactly what you are playing or try to play in Windows Media Player.   AVI Files – Troubleshooting Playback If you are not completely sure about what video codec’s are or do I would suggest installing ffdshow (Download ffdshow-20050630.exe) (Project Homepage).  This is a simple DirectShow filter (also called a codec or decoder) that will decode (allow you to play) DivX, XviD, 3ivX, and more.   AVI Files – Getting the Specific Codec You Need Please … Continue reading Guide To Error C00D0BC2/C00D0BC4 In Windows Media Player

Howto Manually Register/Un-Register Filters & Codecs

Windows Media Player makes use of DirectShow for video and audio decoding.  This means that you can install or register a DirectShow Filter that will work in Windows Media Player to decode third party formats.  For troubleshooting multiple filters on the same system, use Merits. Note: Codec, Filter, Decoder can all be used to describe that same thing DirectShow Filters carry the file extension of .AX.  For the most part you will be dealing with only .AX files, but this same process will also work for .DLL files. Registering A Filter Locate the .AX file in question.  Most of the time … Continue reading Howto Manually Register/Un-Register Filters & Codecs

Windows XP SP2 KB Articles

Steven Bink has a nice little page on his site that includes the released KB Articles specific to Service Pack 2.  Worth a quick look just to see what applications and hardware might be having issues with Service Pack 2. Windows XP SP2 KB Articleshttp://bink.nu/files/SP2KBs.htm

classMCE SDK Launched

classMCE SDK for Media Center is a Software Development Kit for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004.  It allows you to quickly create applications that are integrated within the Media Center experience and without extra user interface coding required.  Unlike other SDKs, this does not include pages of javascript to include with your application.  Rather, all script logic is left for your application logic, while all the navigational control is encapsulated in DHMTL behaviors enabled by a proprietary .NET compiled component that can be redistributed with your application.  Your user interface can be kept in very simple .htm files … Continue reading classMCE SDK Launched

More Problems For Apple (DVD Jon Strikes Again)

Well, Apple has run into yet another problem, this time with Airport Express product.  Airport Express allows users to stream their iTunes library wirelessly through their house.  But, DVD Jon (Real name Jon Lech Johansen) has released a bit of source code that allows streaming from different applications other then iTunes!  Basically, this could allow Linux users to get in on the action, or allow playback of other formats like Ogg Vorbis or WMA.  Remember, DVD Jon, is the same cat who published DeCSS, MyTunes, etc.  He seems to be in for the long run against any company or technology trying … Continue reading More Problems For Apple (DVD Jon Strikes Again)

More WMP Help Articles

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