Guide To Error C00D1199 In Windows Media Player

Error C00D1199 or Unsupported Format means little to nothing in terms of a single fix and doesn’t always really mean that you are trying to play an unsupported format.  The fix for this will greatly depend on what you are doing when you get the error along with your system configuration.


General Information

  • Windows Media Player Multimedia File Formats – Check to see if you are trying to play a support format.
  • If you are trying to play a supported format then keep reading.  Below is some common information for supported file formats.

Supported File Formats Help

More Help

  • In some cases people have run into this error when the wrong audio device is selected in WMP.  Tools | Options | Devices | Speakers | Properties will allow you to change it.
  • It’s a good idea to update and/or reinstall your Sound Card and Video Card drivers.  Along with DirectX when you are getting this error.
  • Another good troubleshooting step is to try and play your content in Windows Media Player 6.4 which is on your system.  To access it go to Start | Run | Type mplayer2.exe.
  • Any attachments from e-mail’s should always be saved to your hard drive before attempting to play them in Windows Media Player.  Depending on your e-mail client this can be done in many ways, check with your provider for more.  Remember that it must be a supported file type after you download the attachmnet to be able to play it in Windows Media Player.

At this point you should have collect enough information for someone to try and give you a suggestion on what you might do to fix it.  So posting in the Windows Media Player Newsgroup in a reply to your first post, or a new post with some exact information about your problem would be good idea.  Remember to include the following…

  • Version of Windows Media Player
  • File Format & link to content (If Possible)
  • Version of Windows
  • What you have tried so far to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting Windows Media Player Error Messages

C00D1199: Cannot Play The File

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