Sound Issues In Windows Media Player

This post contains links to every bit of information you could need to fix all your sound problems with Windows Media Player.  Below are basic steps and the Windows Media Advice links give even more.


First Steps – Sound Card Problems.

  • Reinstall your sound card drivers.  You may download the latest version from the maker of your sound card.  (If you don’t know how to find and download the latest drivers read section below called Locating Drivers)
  • Reinstall DirectX.  This may be downloaded from here.
  • Turn down Hardware Acceleration.  To do this go to your Control Panel | Multimedia | Audio | Advanced Properties or Control Panel | Sound and Multimedia or Sound and Audio Devices | Audio | Sound Playback | Advanced.  Move the slider down a bit.
  • Make sure WMP is not muted.  Play | Volume.  WMP has it’s own Mute controls.
  • Run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.  Start | Run | Type dxdiag and view the Sound Tab.
  • View Microsoft KB Articles on the subject: 236396 and 140334
  • Make sure the correct output device is selected under Tools | Options | Devices | Speakers.

Note:  It’s a good idea to reboot after most of these changes before you think they can not working.


Guide To Error’s C00D11BA, 80040256, and 00040258 In Windows Media Player


Second Steps – Poor Sound Playback

  • If you have ctmp3.acm on your system rename it to ctmp3.bak.  This will allow Windows Media Player to use a fully compatible MP3 decoder.
  • Ensure the EQ Settings are off.  Under Enhancements | SRS WOW Effects.  Also check the Graphics EQ is off.  Play Speed Settings are also there, make sure it’s set at 1.0

Note: If nothing has helped you at this point find the Windows Media Advice or Windows Media Player FAQ that fits your problem and take a look at the suggests listed.


Locating Drivers

If you need help locating where to get the latest drivers for your sound card try the following.  Your Device Manager in Windows should supply the information assuming the sound card has been detected.  To access the Device Manager right click on My Computer and select the Device Manager tab.  In Windows XP go to the Hardware Tab and select Device Manager.

If you don’t know how to access the Device Manager or it doesn’t show your card, than the easiest thing to do is download a free utility like Belarc Advisor.  Run the installer then it will open a webpage for you.  Under Multimedia it will tell you the sound card or Audio Controller you have in your PC.  You may now go to that company’s website and download the drivers and reinstall them.


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