Video Issues In Windows Media Player

This post contains links to every bit of information you could need to fix all your video problems with Windows Media Player.  Below are basic steps and the Windows Media Advice links give even more.


First Steps – Video Card Problems

  • Reinstall your video card drivers.  You may download the latest version from the maker of your video card.  (If you don’t know how to find and download the latest drivers read section below called Locating Drivers)
  • Reinstall DirectX.  This may be downloaded from here.
  • Turn down Hardware Acceleration.  This can be done through Windows Media Player by going to Tools | Options | Performance | Advanced and moving the slider down a bit.

Note:  It’s a good idea to reboot after most of these changes before you think they can not working.


Second Steps – Incorrect Video Playback

  • NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing will disable Hardware Acceleration, exit this, if running, and you should get better playback.
  • If your video is Zoomed In it’s likely being caused by a function of your Graphics Card Drivers.  Mainly NVIDIA’s.  Your Display Properties should help you get rid of that.
  • Under Tools | Options | Performance | Advanced ensure Use Overlays is checked

More Help: I’m Having Video Problems, Incorrect Aspect


Locating Drivers

If you need help locating where to get the latest drivers for your video card try the following.  Your Device Manager in Windows should supply the information assuming the video card has been detected.  To access the Device Manager right click on My Computer and select the Device Manager tab.  In Windows XP go to the Hardware Tab and select Device Manager.  You may now go to that company’s website and download the drivers and reinstall them.


Windows Media Advice

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Windows Media Player FAQ

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