8 thoughts on “RecordNow! Fix For WMP 10

  1. no patch for version 6.0, go to sonic site and download and install the download manager for recordnow, this checks for updates, i tried to update manually but kept getting told either up to date or cannot connect to server, be patient, wait for the download manager to do its thing, it won’t happen overnight but eventually it will tell you there is an update available, TAKE IT!, don’t wait for next time, this should update to ver 6.7, then install the WMP10 patch for this version from the sonic site. Done!

  2. I update to media player 10. it ate my sonic drivers. the patch did not work for me. i have xp and sp2, cannot get rid of it, it came on my machine. what else can i do/ just downgrade media player?

  3. Had the same problem. RecordNow v6.0 not updating, and giving the error message about conflict with WMP10. Logged an incident report with Sonic – they finally came back and said that v6.0 is too old (seems it was the version they bought from Veritas before they started making and selling it themselves), and that there is not going to be an update for v6.0. In other words, they’re saying buy an upgrade. But I’ll try the update manager for a while to see if anything does appear – I have my doubts, though. Maybe easier to find a cheap copy of a newer RecordNow on eBay.

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