NVIDIA DVD Decoder Update Due After Thanksgiving

MCE Specific

  • Added MCE decoder extensions package install support to allow for decoder controls from MCE 10ft UI

  • Added install of MS VMR9 QFE Hotfix for 1080i smooth playback

  • Improved buffer management performance and handling for MCE HD playback (especially for 128MB cards)

  • Re-enabled support for VMR9 procamp color controls for MCE playback on NVIDIA GPU cards

  • Fix issue with aspect ratio handling with certain content on MCE

Video Decoder

  • Work around for problem with VMR9 procamp causing out of order de-interlacing on 1080i contest with MS Quartz.dll v2058

  • Fix for crash in WMP10 when opening the decoder prop page icon while trans-coding an MCE file to Portable Media Center device

  • Fixed issue with decoder output crushing blacks on some display driver versions.

  • Fix for potential deadlock during stop/pause/play transistion under MS stress test

  • Fix for NVVPP support where interlaced video was being double de-interlaced

  • Fixed a color banding or solarizing affect on software decoded “Video” mode material (Shrek2 for example)

  • Added DXVA Smart mode support for all 2-2 NTSC cadences including those sequences that have progressive_frame = 1
    (Fixes GalaxyQuest main menu, Cable Guy fight scene, and Looney Tunes Vol2, Disk 4 chapter 4).

  • Fix for Multiple decoder task tray icons when using WMP10 in a playlist or repeat mode.

Audio Decoder

  • Changed to allow MPEG audio decode on non-Dolby certified applications

  • Changed default Dolby Dynamic Range Compression mode from Late Night to Normal per MS MCE logo requirements

  • Fixed transcoding of mult-channel audio to WMAPro 5.1

  • Fixed transcoding of ATSC content to Portable Media Center device

Video Post Processor

  • Fix for red chroma problem on Raiders of the Lost Arc

Multi Source Transport Reader

  • Added a function to the interface to allow the filter to recalculate the duration list

Transport Stream Info Parser

  • Fix for divide by zero error on certain transport streams

  • Fix to restore to desired program selection after a seek

nstant Media Application

  • Updated translations for all 15 languages

  • Added support for VMR9 (Requires WinXP SP2 or MCE 2005)

  • Changed to from 10% to 5% for FF and 10% to 1% for FR for music and videos for better navigation and instant replay behavior
    Added support for VMR9 and PureVideo playback (Requires DX9.0c and SP2) (MS QFE 888354 recommended for best 1080i playback)

  • Added fix to free video file playback resources when leaving video mode

  • Added support for browsing by year and month in “Organize Album” in photos

  • Added support for handling of invalid EXIF dates in photo JPEGs

  • Added support for DVD Fast Rewind across chapter boundary if “Title Repeat” mode enabled

  • Added support for DVD playback from the hard disk with and without a VIDEO_TS directory present

  • Added support for unencrypted .VOB file playback

  • Added support for allowing progress panel during DVD trailers

  • Fixed potential hang when quitting a slideshow DVD

12 thoughts on “NVIDIA DVD Decoder Update Due After Thanksgiving

  1. when is the extact date of this update to be released ? – were well after Thanksgiving – and no sign of the update yet 🙁

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