Responce To Sean, WMP Team vs. MCE Team

Sean Alexander responds to my post entitled “Why Can’t the WMP Team be like the MCE Team?”, and first off I would like to say thanks to Sean!  I have enjoyed reading his blog for some time now, much before I came across the chance to have this blog hosted by from Susan Bradley.  Maybe “blogging is a bit like speaking on-stage”, as Sean notes.  I have never been one to shy away from getting up in front of people and speaking my opinion or just making a complete and total fool of myself.  Maybe the WMP team just doesn’t have … Continue reading Responce To Sean, WMP Team vs. MCE Team

Improving Media Center’s “My Pictures”

Via Thomas Hawk (and eHomeUpgrade) he blogs about what could be done to improve “My Pictures” in Media Center 2005.  All of his suggestions seem great!  The largest one in my opinion that needs to be fixed is the current issues with random photo process in MCE 2005.  The same image will always appear first, that’s not very random! 😉 Sean Alexander and Michael Creasy of Microsoft also blog about Thomas’ comments.

Windows Media Player KB Articles

FIX: “0x8004020D – The buffer is not big enough” error message when you play back or to convert a WAV file that is larger than 2 gigabytes in your client application that uses Microsoft DirectX;EN-US;889136 FIX: The audio is temporarily lost for some items in the playlist when you play streaming content by using the RTSP protocol;EN-US;884267 FIX: Starting Windows Media Player with a skin parameter changes the default skin preference;EN-US;888407 You receive an “Error number 80004005” error message when you try to copy an audio CD or add a playlist to Windows Media Player;EN-US;888020 FIX: Windows Media Player 9 … Continue reading Windows Media Player KB Articles

MCE To Flop In 2005? Don’t Count On It!

As noted on many different sites by now, Phillip Swann of is saying Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Edition 2005 will be the biggest flop of 2005.  The first thing I decided to do after reading this guys “Predictions” was to see what he predicted last year in terms of DVR/PVR’s.   Amoung his top Predictions for 2004 was that TiVo would be sold to DirecTV (He also predicted that in 2003 also), that it would be the “Buzz Year” for DVD/DVR’s, ReplayTV would fold or die, and DVR’s would experience “Moderate Growth”.   Now, the TiVo thing didn’t happen, after … Continue reading MCE To Flop In 2005? Don’t Count On It!

Media Center Communicator In The Works

Via eHomeUpgrade One Voice Technologies’ will be introducing Media Center Communicator at CES 2005.  Enabling Voice Navigate for Media Center, E-mail, SMS Texting, Text Messaging, PC-to-PC phone calls, Video calls, and more! One Voice Technologies

Want To Beta Test Upcoming Media Center Products/Versions?

Microsoft is looking for prospective candidates for an upcoming beta program. The program will introduce you to a set of technologies providing new digital media experiences on Windows consumer PCs.Please respond to this invitation using the registration instructions below.  Eligible beta testers will be selected based on data collected from those who fill out the questionnaire at Microsoft BetaPlace.The beta testing process is very important because it helps ensure that we release the best possible product.  If you are selected to participate in the beta program, you will be asked to install the product and report your testing experiences to … Continue reading Want To Beta Test Upcoming Media Center Products/Versions?

Web Media For MCE 2005 RC1 Released!

Did you like Web Radio for MCE?  Then you are going to love Web Media for MCE 2005!  Not only will this plug-in help organize your favorite online radio stations, but will also allow you to organize your favorite video streams from the web!  All this is viewable directly inside Media Center and controlable with your MCE Remote. Web Media Release Candidate 1   While checking out the download above, notice the new website geared towards Media Center plug-ins and applications!  Yet another great resource for finding new and interesting things to do with your Media Center! mce soft [PlugIn] … Continue reading Web Media For MCE 2005 RC1 Released!

Media Center Extender Updates with CGMS-A Support

OverviewUpdate Rollup 1 for Media Center Extender contains various updates for the Windows XP Media Center Extender and includes CGMS-A protected TV content playback support. (HBO and Cinemax) This update is recommended for all Linksys Media Center Extender and HP Media Center Extender customers. For a complete list of changes included in this update see KB890924 System Requirements Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Media Center Edition Required Software: Media Center Extender software v1.0, Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with HDTV Support Required Hardware: Linksys Media Center Extender; HP Media Center Extender Update Rollup 1 for … Continue reading Media Center Extender Updates with CGMS-A Support