Want To Beta Test Upcoming Media Center Products/Versions?

Microsoft is looking for prospective candidates for an upcoming beta program. The program will introduce you to a set of technologies providing new digital media experiences on Windows consumer PCs.

Please respond to this invitation using the registration instructions below.  Eligible beta testers will be selected based on data collected from those who fill out the questionnaire at Microsoft BetaPlace.

The beta testing process is very important because it helps ensure that we release the best possible product.  If you are selected to participate in the beta program, you will be asked to install the product and report your testing experiences to Microsoft. Reporting will include installation surveys, bug reports, and other means as required by Microsoft.

To RSVP and become a candidate for this beta program, go to
http://beta.microsoft.com and sign in using a Passport account and the Guest ID below.

If you are new to BetaPlace, you will be asked for a beta ID or Guest ID after logging in with Passport.  Please log in using the Guest ID below.

If you are a current Microsoft beta tester, you will be taken to your personalized Microsoft beta web site after logging in with Passport. On your personalized site, click on the link “Sign in as a Guest” in the upper right side of the page.

When you are prompted for a Guest ID enter the following:

Guest ID:  MS_BetaApp

Please note, if you are currently an active tester on other Microsoft beta programs but have received this mail, you still need to go to the site and RSVP by filling out the entire survey to be considered for this new beta program.

13 thoughts on “Want To Beta Test Upcoming Media Center Products/Versions?

  1. I would like to help test the new products. I am currently using microsoft antispyware and am very pleased with it’s effiency.

    Anna Malone

  2. Microsoft has a lot to offer……and I think i may be able to add my own something to the testing.

  3. I am interested in testing DVB-S supported MCE. Please contact me if there is any beta programming available for US DVB-S or any DVB-S support to use DVB-S tuner cards to get Sat tv with MCE funtionality.



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