Responce To Sean, WMP Team vs. MCE Team

Sean Alexander responds to my post entitled “Why Can’t the WMP Team be like the MCE Team?”, and first off I would like to say thanks to Sean!  I have enjoyed reading his blog for some time now, much before I came across the chance to have this blog hosted by from Susan Bradley.  Maybe “blogging is a bit like speaking on-stage”, as Sean notes.  I have never been one to shy away from getting up in front of people and speaking my opinion or just making a complete and total fool of myself.  Maybe the WMP team just doesn’t have people that with this type of personality.


Now in the past day the members of the MCE team that blog has been a great job addressing a few issues brought up in the media.  Just check out Matt’s posts from yesterday, Michael’s response to Thomas about “My Pictures” and of course Sean’s reply to me, reply to Thomas, reply to Matt and so on.  On the flip side, Thomas has brought up a few WMP issues; we can’t get the same type of feedback about those issues as we do from the MCE bloggers!  To most consumers having an issues addressed by anyone related to Microsoft is almost better then it getting fixed or changed!  The fact that they know someone inside Microsoft knows, even if they are not directly connected to the product, is something people want to see!


Much of my wanting the WMP team to be more open has to do with the major disappointment that was the WMP 10 beta period.  Product feedback was not taken from the consumer and limited feedback was taken from MVP’s in the private beta.  The release was directly driven by the release of Portable Media Center’s and MSN Music.  Fixing bugs from WMP 9 was not really done.  There are dozens of bugs from WMP 9 that are still present in WMP 10.  Without going into great detail the MCE 2005 beta was much better in comparison to WMP 10.  Newsgroups filled with discussion, Chris Hill and others there to reply to posts, suggestions, and more!  Getting a reply to a post in the WMP 10 beta Newsgroups was hit or miss.  Once again, just the simple addressing of issue counts.  🙂


P.S – Zach is most likely the reason I’m an MVP and a large percent of what I have learn about WMP and Microsoft has been through Zach’s Newsgroup posts and e-mails.

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