Guide To Error C00D277F In Windows Media Player

Error C00D277F or “Secure storage protection error. Restore your licenses from a previous backup and try again.” might be solved by doing the following.

  • Open My Computer
  • Goto Tools | Folder Options
  • Click the View Tab
  • Select “Show Hidden Files and Folders”
  • Check “Display Contents of System Folders”
  • Uncheck “Hide Extensions for Known file types”
  • Uncheck Hide Protected Operating Systems Files”
  • Click OK

After that navigate to the following folder based on your Operating System.

  • Microsoft Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM
  • Microsoft Windows 2000: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM
  • Microsoft Windows 98: C:\Windows\All Users\DRM
  • Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me): C:\Windows\DRM

You can test if this has worked by going to  Play this content in Windows Media Player and should force you to acquire a security upgrade, then acquire a license.  One user also noted that running the Personal License Update Wizard from fixed the problem from them.

NOTE: Use at own risk!  If this in some way screws up “something”, a call to Microsoft Product Support may to needed to fix it.  If nothing above helps, calling Product Support would be the next step anyway, however.

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