TiVoToGo Copy Protection Weak?

Well, this could be smart or very stupid depending on your point of view.  TiVoToGo files are supposed to be protected when they get to the PC, but it appears that the protection it very weak and basically a waste!  You can just open the files in GraphEdit, insert a MPEG 2 Demuxer and MPEG 2 Muxer, connect the pins, and output a non-protected MPEG-2 file.  Just with that simple graph someone can make an application to do this in a batch mode, and you have non-protected files to do whatever with.

Via PVRBlog and Engadget

2 thoughts on “TiVoToGo Copy Protection Weak?

  1. Has anyone developed a program to remove this protection. I seem to recall seeing something of this ilk a little while ago.

    It’s fair use (backup).

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