ISF Certification and Media Center TV Tuners

Sean Alexander has posted a few times now on one of the most interesting things that was announced back when MCE 2005 shipped, that is that  Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) is now certifying new video and TV tuners for Media Center PC’s.  Sean also did a write up on what this means to the average person and what it means to Media Center PC’s.  The latest bit of news this that ATI launched there TV Tuner with ISF Certification today.  I have kind of heard mixed reviews to this point about the card and if it really does what it says.  Sean Again, is saying that the new ATI TV Wonder Elite TV is a great card and sets the bar high for future tuners.  I would love to be able to get my hands on one of the card and see how big a difference it is.  Better looking SDTV is still something that is going to be a high point for PC’s for the next few years.  HDTV might be coming, but a very large number of people still only have an SDTV and/or no HD service/reception.  Hopfully I can pick up one of the cards at some point.  The price point for them is a bit high now, I think the suggested price is $150.  Remember that’s only SD and you can pick up a PVR-150 for less then $70. 

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