Annoying MCE “My Music” Problem and Fix

I decided to hit on some of my MCE issues today, so here’s anyone you might have seen.  I use MCE for music more then anything else.  Being able to go through my rather large music collection via my remote from anywhere in the room is nice.  My problem was however, that if you have the screensaver active and or monitor go into sleep then when you hit the remote or mouse again the Taskbar would be in front of MCE.  Tapping a button on the remote, keyboard or moving the mouse would send MCE back to fullscreen.  This is a pain and I have never seen a proper fix for it.

So, here’s what you do.  The fix is to check a rather dumb option in WMP and it will be fixed!  Open WMP and goto Tools>>Options.  Check “Allow screensaver during playback” under the Player tab.  Now, it’s fixed!

This needs to be something MCE does for WMP upon launch.  Some people do not want this setting checked when they are just using WMP, but using MCE you really need it to be checked.  The bad part is that a year or so ago there was an application developed to stop MCE from doing just this.  It’s in TGB Download Center and is called the “Screen Saver Prevention” program.

6 thoughts on “Annoying MCE “My Music” Problem and Fix

  1. Stupid problem with a stupid fix,

    Why would I say this in public, you ask ?

    Simple: I never saw a humanbeing running a screensaver on his Tele-Vision Set.

    I never have seen a person let his Video recorder/DVD Player/Tele-set powered "on" while he was leaving the house or left the livng-room.

    I never have met somebody who was constantly watching his screensaver on his Tele, for more then 5 minutes.

    So the question you should ask yourself:

    Why would you even think about using a screensaver on your Tele-Monitor, when a person is watching Tele, he doesn’t ask for the bloody screensaver to pop-up !!!

    So, in my opinion:

    Stupid problem, stupid fix, while there isn’t even a problem at all.

  2. I had this problem and on top of it, while playing Radio on MCE 2005, the screensaver comes on and when I tap the spacebar, the MCE crashes. It drove me crazy until I hit this particular posting on your blog after spending the entire ay looking for a cure. I have checked the "Allow Screensaver" in WMP and will reboot and start afresh and see if the MCE still crashes or not? Will try and post my experience later. Thanks, Chris. Keep up the good work!


  3. Mark Peter, sometimes it’s actually nice to have a screen saver runing with music in the background while lounging on the sofa, talking to friends, your girlfriend or whatever.

    Given it’s a good screen saver of course 😉

    Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize the setting for this in WMP affected MCE, so I never really bothered to try.

  4. A life changing fix (ok, sort of) for me… thank you.

    I have a VGA monitor extended into my bedroom. I haven’t been able to listen to music in my room before going to sleep for about a year now because every time a new song comes on it would flick the monitor back on out of the sleep mode which made it too bright in my bedroom to sleep.

  5. For Dan, why not just turn the monitor off?

    But what I dislike about Media Center (among many other things) is that even when you clear the box on Media Player, Media Center will still allow the screen saver.

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