Annoying MCE “My Pictures” Problem

Have you ever wanted to play a slideshow of a large folder of photos and you want it to be in a random order? Besides the current “1st picture bug”, it drive me nuts how long and and many steps it takes to do this. Lets count it out shall we?

My Pictures>>More Info>>Settings>>Pictures>>Show pictures in random order>>Save>>Back

Why does it take that many steps just to play a slideshow in random order? Then I have to do the same thing again to turn it off! Way to many steps for something that could much simpler.

6 thoughts on “Annoying MCE “My Pictures” Problem

  1. I’m not in front of my MCE2005 box now, but I’m pretty sure all you need do is be on the folder you want to slideshow and click the info button on the remote it will bring up a pop up menu, press slideshow.

  2. I agree that this requires way too much work. I also find that queuing up an album before starting a slideshow takes way too much time. This is perhaps mainly because "My Music" is sluggish to load on my machine due to the volume of albums I have in it…but I’d still love a way to "attach" an album to a picture folder for automatic playback when you start a slideshow of it. Certain picture events will always be linked in my memory to certain music.

  3. Randy: You can start a slideshow, but you can’t make it random unless you already have the setting on, which requires you to do the long process or Settings>>My Pictures>>etc. You have to do that again to disable random playback. To muts work for something that could be done much simpler and in less clicks.

  4. It drives me crazy that it always shows the same photo as the first one when you play your photos in random order. I think that it only does this if you used advanced transitional effects.. but these are too cool not to.

    MCE had a similar lack of random first photo (and even worse, first song) a while back and corrected it in MCE 2004. Not sure why it’s back now but it is a bug that should be fixed.

  5. Ack, I have noticed this 1st picture bug too and it’s highly annoying!

    Some improvements that could be useful for Media Center: Picture slideshows should be easy to show in order or random, without navigating all the way back to settings. Totally agree.

    Not sure if "attaching" an album to some pictures would be useful or even intuitive, one would always finish before the other (probably pictures). Maybe a genre, so during the slideshow you could hit play music and it would start playing an album from that set.

    Randomizing music. I buy a lot of music cause I happened to hear it on the radio, but then I add it to my collection and sometimes forget it’s there. I’d like the main "My Music" screen to show me random albums for the times when I know I want some music but not sure what yet. I don’t really use playlists, just play full albums through, and I’ve found lately that I play more albums that are closer to the beginning of the alphabet than the end, because I usually just page through the list until I find a good album.

    No one’s brought this one up from the MCE SDK:

    "Except for Media Center dialog boxes, a Media Center add-in does not have any user interface elements."

    Now, I probably won’t be programming my own Media Center addin anytime soon, but it bugs me that anyone who creates an addin (even things like MSN Music) has to re-implement (usually very poorly) the MCE UI. Could we not expose a simple button control so software authors don’t have to make their own cheesy ones? And fix the shared viewport corner issue so it doesn’t look ugly when it shows up in a 3rd party addin!

  6. Somehow I got the mypictures folder [on desktop] under security control ,now when I try to open it, it flags [access denied] [not allowed]etc. This program came at time of purchase the same as my documents ,my music etc. how can I regain access? Thank you.charlie

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