DivXNetworks Continues To Grow, Microsoft Watch Out!

The folks at DivXNetworks are really hitting hard with their codec’s!  Microsoft, of course has done little to improve on WMV.  The number of standalone DVD Players supporting DivX is growing.  In the US, I have not seen a single player released featuring WMV9 decode.  I believe it’s Philips who sales a cheapo DVD player with DivX support for well under $100.

New offerings coming from DivX include..

  • DivX Fusion Player

  • DivX Fusion Codec update

  • DivX Fusion SDK

  • DivX Media Format

As they are now saying “DivX is far more than just a codec”.  The new DivX Media Format will have the extension of .divx getting away from the .avi extension.  The new DivX Media Format will support XSUB subtitles, Alternate audio tracks, Interactive video menus, XTAG video tags.  They are claiming that that DivX Fusion Codec can outperform WMV9 and H.264, not sure about both of those however.  You can read more at DivX Labs.


So, Microsoft wants up with WMV?  Not only is DivX more support in CE players but they also offer great tools for encoding from just about any source.  You have Dr. DivX which can encode from a live source, ripped DVD, DV, and just about everything else.  It’s a simple wizard based application.  The Windows Media Encoder is great, but where is the application for point and click converting to WMV?  It’s not Windows Movie Maker and it’s not the Windows Media Encoder.

7 thoughts on “DivXNetworks Continues To Grow, Microsoft Watch Out!

  1. IO-Data also makes a unit that plays WMV9. This machine is very impressive, capable of playing video files over the network and outputting up to 1080i. The only problem is that the current firmware does not support Pro audio, so that the WMHD demos all play without sound. The next firmware release, due in February at the latest, will rectify this, however.

    See link. I have one of these and am quite happy with it so far.


  2. Does the US shipping unit have DVI out? I aways see D4 output, but in the US that is pointless. Also, does it play 1440×1080 or 1920×1080 WMV-HD samples? I ask becuase the processor that I through was used in that will only decode 1280×720 and below content.

  3. Indeed, it has no DVI out. It does come with a D4-component cable, that, despite reports to the contrary, is of acceptable quality. Buyers are advised not to bother with buying another cable unless it’s too short or if they observe obvious image quality problems.

    The samples play but since the firmware cannot decode WMV Pro audio, they do so without sound. All the samples that I’ve played are 1440×1080, and for these the playback is very smooth. I have not found any 1920×1080. If you could point me to them I would be glad to verify their compatibility.

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