Windows Media DRM10 Cracked?

Final Update :  EXCLUSIVE: Windows Media DRM 10 Crack Updates


Update 2:  Update For DRM-Enabled Media Players (KB891122) –

So, the word is that a popular internet magazine in Japan has posted
information on how to crack the protected files. It appears that you still need a license for the content to start with, that’s kind of a big thing. I’m sure there will be more information about this later.

The software has the file names of “DrmDbg.exe” and “DRM2WMV”.
DrmDbg.exe is supposed to get the KID and the Seed from memory when a
DRM-enabled file is being decrypted/played. That spits out a .key file
and DRM2WMV is supposed to take that .key and unprotect the WMV. This
would leave you with a WMV file that is entirely unprotected and
playable in anything that supports WMV playback.

While this may seem like it’s great for fair-use and all, many
content owners are upset with the matter. Microsoft has not commented
on the issue publicly yet.  It should also be noted that because
of the architecture of WMRM this potential break does not mean that the
tools will be valid to use in the future.

Edit:  Some people are have a hard
time understanding that this is not exactly 100% validated
news.  Rather noted by the question mark in the title, and the use of “So, the word is…“, “is supposed to…“, “this potential break“, “supposedly from“, etc.  This is a blog, not CNN.  Information found here may be correct or may not!  There might not have been a break at all!  I can’t tell you. 
Information on this is not exactly flowing out of many sources, thus
information about the supposed cracks, magazine, method, etc are not
offered here!  Maybe there is a magazine that published this
information, maybe not.  Again, I can’t confirm any of this. 
Please note this before posting comments, this has been noted since I
posted this a few days ago.  If I was 100% sure it was all
correct, the post would have been worded differently from the
start.  Thanks!  🙂  [Crap replies deleted]

Update:  This is supposedly from the guy who wrote the cracks.  (Thanks trailergod) (Appears to be written by Beale Screamer, not the supposed cracker.  Meaning it’s old.)

Update:  Thanks to the information provided by ArchAngelKing, it is looking more and more like there is no crack for DRM10.  If anyone has information otherwise, please post.  🙂

Update 2:  Update For DRM-Enabled Media Players (KB891122) –

Final Update :  EXCLUSIVE: Windows Media DRM 10 Crack Updates

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51 thoughts on “Windows Media DRM10 Cracked?

  1. Don’t know if it’s OK to post here (I don’t work for MS!) – but I just built myself an MCE and I love it – everything works fantastic – except DRM on HBO shows which I just discovered this past weekend.

    Burned myself a DVD of a show I really like so that I could watch it at work for inspiration (Unscripted) – and was disheartened to find out that it will only play on my MCE machine.

    I work for a major Hollywood studio so I understand the desire to protect all the hard work we put into these films – but there has to be a way to let me watch my shows on the devices I want to – I bet it won’t work on a PVP (if I had one – which I was looking forward to getting, but now, not so sure…)

    I’m sure this has been discussed a billion times already, but I’m new to all this and just wanted to throw my 2 cents in.

    BTW, thanks to you and all the MS MCE bloggers – you’re blogs are the best!

  2. True, and they will not convert to go on a Portable Media Center/Player. That does very much sucks, however, it’s not the same DRM that has supposedly been cracked. You are talking about CGMS-A or Copy Generation Management System Analog. This was developered by a few of the major CE makers and is supposed in many device (most non-PC solutions like DVD Recorders and such). Most people dislike that fact that you can’t record a simple TV program and move it to another device, I know I do. I have one of those PMC/PVP’s. 🙁

  3. Ya I found all those links this morning but that’s not proof. They are talking about WMDRM version 7 and version 9 and wondering why they can’t break version 10.

    I guess if you don’t know how to read Japaneeze then you’d pull stuff out of context.

    Now the magazine you make reference too is not talking about MS DRM but an DVD with copy protection on it! It’s not refering to MS DRM 10 in the magazine at all!

    I think that a little digging and cross checking you’d find better references to legit content.

    In conclusion your proofs are not proofs or discussion about MS DRM 10 at all!



  4. Did you get "DrmDbg.exe" and "DRM2WMV" only?

    Did you find "lark’s commnets" and "lark’s referece of drmdbg.exe"?

    He said "I could unlock drm10 file" definitely with sample drm10 file’s keyfiles.

    To say more i think there is no effective security upgrade on drm10.

  5. ArchAngelKing: It’s great that you find it lacking, and I could really care less! I heard about this, and posted it. I don’t have to have all the information in the world to post about. You really need to grow up or go back to pusing kids off thw swing at your local park. Blogs offer opinion, not always fact. This was not posted as a fact and that remains until more information is seen on the matter. 🙂 I have never said that there was "proof", as noted by the post saying "is supposed..", "it appears", "the word is". If you are looking for facts then you need to find the source. If you are expecting a blog to hold factual information, you need to learn what a blog is about. I think the real issue is you reading too much into the statements and not looking at the true context.

  6. Afraid of the truth this blog site has removed all my proof that I have translated from Japaneese to english have shown this site blogs false inaccurate and sensured postings!

  7. Didn’t you have friend in japan?

    "DrmDbg.exe" and "DRM2WMV" were made by japanese cracker.

    Why nobody can get any information?

    The answer is simple he uploaded all of them to closed peer to peer network in japan only.

    Google bot can’t find info in closed network.

    Maybe you will have to wait for a long time to get truth.

    "DrmDbg.exe" and "DRM2WMV" exist actually.

  8. JanDix,

    I have a lot more powerful tools and people in places to seek out and verify this information. I don’t use google so that’s not a problem. Drmdbg.exe is a program that was supposed to exist for DRM 9 but I have yet to see it. as for DRM2WMV there is no such tool. Why don’t you just post the tool then JanDix and let’s see if your correct.

    From the lack of your response I’ll take that as you are just spewing more rumor than substance.


  9. I said only truth.

    As you said if I upload all data everybody believe me …but

    Did you subscribe newsgroup ?

    One japanese member are making an effort to reduce damage of crack.

    So I will upload all data after all threat left.

    Maybe microsoft will announce about patch release for all drm server administrators.

  10. JanDix<

    Anata No Nihongin? Hajime Mashte Dozo Iroshiku. Watashe Namae Wa Christopher Levy desu e anato no namae nan desuka?

    Watashe email EMAIL ME.

    Yes I monitor the WMTALK list and no we have not seen the tool.

    Anywhere. And what closed Japanese only P2P network. My guys at have not heard of the tool or the network or any of the threads you are describing.


  11. Look your not posting "truth" but out dated information. If your talking about the "SATORU KOSHIBA" psoting this is old news and is related to DRM9 not DRM10. It has resufaced just read the posts in the link you provided! geez you’d think a bit of scrutiny would be in order. Mircosoft and no in their right mind is gonna do anything about this because it’s all BS just false, incorrect, misleading, unqualified information. Nobody is trying to mitigate the crach simply because there isn’t one!

    "Cracker said in readme.txt "I crack DRM9 secversion 2.2".

  12. ok.. ok.. sounds good.

    Many articles & much talk about whether or not it’s true.

    Where can i get this DRM10 cracker? I will test it out myself.

  13. ttp://

    If it translates and here is connected with P2P in Japan

    The truth is understood.

    If it was possible to reproduce after drm was approved, it was convertible.

  14. JanDix

    ?One japanese member are making an effort to reduce damage of crack. ???????????????????????crack?????????

    ?So I will upload all data after all threat left??????????????????threat??

    ?Maybe microsoft will announce about patch release for all drm server administrators.?




    So I don’t look like a troll or something, I asked JanDix what was meant by the sayings, because they don’t make much sense, and maybe JanDix can make sense out of them to me.

  15. even if there was a crack, posting the tools or information about the tools or links to the tools would be bad career move for any professional person. Not to mention just bad karma and you would just be asking Bill’s lawyers to drop by for tea and crumpets.

  16. Did anyone actually find those files drmdbg.exe and drm2wmv, i tried on p2p networks…, in Imesh i found many BOGUS files with such filename none of them really works..

    I think this is some kind of urban legend… bullshit!!!

    THERE IS NO CRACK for DRM of WMV 10 & thts the bottom line..

    And if anyone disagrees that FACT,

    PROVE URSELF !!!!..

    Dont just TAKE LINES FROM SOME STUPID WEBSITES and create unnecessary havoc!!!!!

  17. Why everybody can’t find drmdbg.exe and drm2wmv?

    The answer is simple.

    The first reporter to MSFT has been preventing its spreading to worldwide.

    At now it is difficult to get its(2 apps) in japan by any way.

    BUT it is fact.Its exist.

    And cracker ‘lark’ is still UNKNOWN.

    Maybe MSFT will release more secure DRM soon.

    So if you find its(2 apps) on anywhere , you should not post URL here.

    The best way you should take is REPORT TO MSFT as soon as possible.

    Don’t use it . Don’t copy it.

  18. Do anybody get new information from Microsoft ?

    I subscribe any security newsletter and notification service but no information sent to me 🙁

    The only person given info from MSFT is "The First Reporter" ?? 🙁

  19. Hello,

    I’m working in france for a new service using DRM. Can I use the DRM9 or DRM10 without any risk ?

    How can I know if the crack really exists or not ?

  20. Both files DrmDbg.exe" and "DRM2WMV". DrmDbg.exe are Freeme. Correct me if im wrong but I got both files off limewire. So either the names are changed or FreeMe and DRM2WMV are the same thing. I get the same error now with both "Couldn’t open license File" . I believe is due to the Microsoft Update of the DRM . This update explained here

    If this is false ( FreeMe isn’t DRM@WMV ) please correct me.

    Otherwise the security hole has been patched. And none of these tools listed work.

  21. I know I told ya’ll not to bother trying to find them. All you are going to find are fakes (some of which will be virus’).

    Having said that, if you do happen to find it the chances of it working are slim to none. Any license issuer is going to check to see if you have the patch installed before issuing you a license or renewing your correct one.

  22. Hi Experts,

    How to start DRM on my website to protect my audio content until someone agree to purchase the content? In addition, i am totally and am looking for a solution from the beginning.

    Please advise,

    Thank you

    God bless


  23. Wow, your comment doesn’t relate at all to WMRM10! I wouldn’t consider dumbing anything until you know enough about it to make intelligent comments. Just a thought.

  24. Hey Christopher Levy. I’m sorry but your Japanese is a bit dodgy. nihongo wo motto benkyou shinasai.

  25. Interesting blog… I thought I might just reiterate one of many reasons this blog exists. My nephew was super excited about a portable usb mp3 player I bought him. So he wanted to purchase some songs. He bought some "mp3’s" from walmart. I am super cheap and normally I would protest purchasing something that can be downloaded for free, but I remained silent and let him purchase the songs because it’s the legal way for him to get songs for his mp3 player. I do not want to teach or expose him to the world of hacking. It turns out the "mp3’s" he purchased were really .wma’s which his mp3 player would not play. He’s pretty smart, so I told him simply to convert the file to an mp3 file then load it onto his player. To my suprise he took the ball from there on his own; all the way to the point where the program he chose to convert the file errored saying the file was protected by DRM. So he asked me what DRM is and I did not know. Anyway, that was a few hours ago, and now I know. The first thing I’m going to do is have the credit card company remove the charges from the credit card and delete those useless files and be done with it. However, it pissed me off and I’m not the type to sue corporations for billions or I would have posted under "lawyerman". So microsoft can come out with DRM10,11,12….2BILLION and I’m like an elephant that doesn’t forget. Not only am I not going to forget, I’m also going to sit on the technology with my 2 ton ***.

    I think it’s important to note why these types of protection schemes are bad for everyone involved. From the developer standpoint, you simply can not come up with any full proof protection, it’s simply physically not possible given the circumstances surround the designed creation, distribuiton, and usage of the "target product". From the consumer standpoint it is bad because of scenerios like my nephews (and god only knows how many others) where a person has purchased something and are not able to use it (pay for nothing, I don’t think so). And the "artist" which the entire technology is designed to protect? Come on, don’t make me laugh histerically. No new release anything is going to be protected by DRM; everything it’s going to apply to is "residual" when it comes to protecting the issue of the artist getting their proper share of the money, and that is the responsibility of the studios/distributors. So apparently they need this technology to make sure they can get their money so that they can pass the artist his share. (what a crock of horse****). I have some swamp land in florida to sell you if you fall for any reason a technology like DRM has any value other than to squeeze money out of consumers by not selling them a product that works how they want, so they must buy it again if they want to use it "way x" and buy it again if they want to use it "way y". For example, my nephew will now have to buy the same somgs somewhere else because the songs he bought from walmart do not work for him on his mp3 player. The artist, studio, distributor, microsoft and walmart might be ok with this and claim he can listen to the song on his computer, or maybe they would be kind enought to maintain a list of devices and circumstances where the song can be played. However walmart did not give that information ahead of time and they clearly were selling a "MP3" So along with false advertising and everything else that doesn’t sit right on the issue I would say DRM and schemes like it should be illegal.

  26. I just realized something, DRM is illegal, it’s called "bait and switch". Even if the product contained a warning or label about DRM; a normal consumer simply does not or could not be expected to understand the technology and hence "the meaning". So no matter how you sliced it, it’s a simple bait and switch scam that is being run on consumers today.

    QUESTION: How many microsoft technicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    ANSWER: 100, 1 to screw in the light bulb and 99 to figure out a way to charge you everytime you have to change the light bulb.

  27. for all




  28. For each time a DRM system gets torn appart, the world gets just a little better place for us all. So a big salute to this cracker, who did us all a great favor… 🙂

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