Want MCE 2006 Information?

In the third look at the future of current Microsoft technologies we take a look at where Windows Media Center Edition is heading. This year will see the release of a small update for Windows Media Center Edition 2005. Bringing the Media Center Edition version up to v4.0. <<Information removed upon request>>

DRM Troubleshooting Info in Windows XP (WMP, MCE, Etc)

I can’t play files I ripped from a CD on another computer because they are protected. How can I remove copy protection from the files?   I upgraded my computer’s operating system, and now when I play a file, a Web page is displayed that says I need to “migrate my licenses.” What does this mean?   I upgraded some of my computer’s hardware, and now I get an error message that the licenses for my media files are corrupted or not valid. What can I do?   Why do I get error message C00D271D: Cannot play protected files?   … Continue reading DRM Troubleshooting Info in Windows XP (WMP, MCE, Etc)

Another Cool Media Center Plug-In! Garfield Comics

I’m still amazed by some of the plug-in’s being developed for Media Center, and this is one of the most interesting.  From Danee who has brought us, among other things, Web Media!  This plug-in will grab the most recent Garfield comics and allow you to display them directly on your TV and control it with only your remote! Download Garfield for Media Centerhttp://www.mcesoft.nl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=68&Itemid=143

Updates! It’s About Time!

Okay, everyone sorry for the delays in posting.  Just a bit has happen over the past few days.   Issue #1 – MVP Status   I talked with my lead a few days ago and found out the reasons, and it was one of them I had posted before. J My sometimes ill attitude towards some of the Newsgroup posts.  No problem there and as far as I’m concerned you can expect to see me as an MVP again in the upcoming months.   Issue #2 – Back to school   I left for school again on Sunday.  A 7 hour … Continue reading Updates! It’s About Time!

MVP Status: _____

After a few comments from MVP’s (Was going to say fellow MVP’s, guess that’s not true. ;)) I have decided to take down the feed until tomorrow. When I find out there “official” reason I will see what to do with the rest of it. Thanks everyone!

Skinning MCE – A Preview

Yet another post where the pictures speak for themselves.  These might not be the best color combinations, however thye are just to show what can be done.  🙂 Previous Post: Skin Your MCE 2005! Coming Soon?http://msmvps.com/chrisl/archive/2004/12/17/26158.aspx

mceWeather 2.0 Released

I have been a big fan of this program for a while and with the release of version 2.0 a few days it’s even better!  Just a look at the screenshots yet again tell the story about what this is and does.  It looks great with many color layouts, it works great, and it’s great that I can check the weather with my remote at any time from MCE. mceWeather Overview and Downloadhttp://www.cbuenger.com/mceweather/