5 thoughts on “More New MCE Machines

  1. Oh boy! A clone of the Alienware DHS 2!

    Why is it that HP continues to insist on making HTPCs that look like traditional tower PCs? I thought HP used to innovate and actually create stuff instead of copying ideas or releasing "old" technology. The color scheme is nice but would it hurt them to design something that would fit much more nicely in a home entertainment center?

    Ok, back to Alienware…I thought they too were supposed to be innovators (especially when it comes to new case designs) but they have also released the Intel reference systems. Sheesh! Where’s the value add? I can pick up the exact same parts myself and build nearly the same system and probably for less.

  2. HP actually already has a line of MCE PC’s that play the "entertainment center" angle. However, they know that not everyone is going to buy an MCE and keep it in there components rack. Look for the "Digital Entertainment Centers (z Series)" line for ones that look like they should be in a components rack.

  3. ah, ok. my bad…but still, their device still looks "pc" like. i guess my complaint is that a lot of these case manufacturers are more or less bringing out what my buddy calls "old AT desktop cases" and selling them as HTPC cases and charging a premium for them.

    granted, some of these come with a VFD and/or a quiet PSU but many don’t and yet they’ll cost more than a typical good quality ATX case.

    i’m still waiting for the manufacturer who comes out with a truly elegant component looking system. it almost feels like they’re all waiting for Apple to come out with one first and then they can all copy it. i don’t see why it’s so hard to hire a industrial design intern for the summer from any one of the noted art colleges and have them come up with a design.

  4. For what it’s worth my experience with HP has been terrible. They have provided consistently poor aftermarket support. Unbelievably bad tech support and bad customer service when I’ve had to deal with them in the aftermarket. They don’t support the free OEM upgrades that Microsoft passes on to them completely or in a time responsive manner. This is even after I paid them additionally money and actually purchased an aftermarket support package from them.

    I’m reminded of the old sales joke where a customer complains about service and reminds the salesperson of their promises and the salesperson responds, ah yes, but that’s when you were a prospect. Now you are a customer.

  5. I have found a few cases that look more like a MCE case, but here is the thing. Most people do not use there computer in their living rooms yet. Untill this becomes a more viable market, you should expect pickings to be slim.




    most of these are the smaller gaming cases, but POWERspec is releasing a MCE case that is nearly identical to the MS ones. be patient friend, you will find what you need, just remember that just because you and I have been watching our pc signals on tv for years, doesn’t mean that the general public has

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