Orb Goes Free!

Orb Networks | Orb Networks is now offering their streaming solutions for free!  I would like to thank Orb for trying this new strategy very much.  I have used Orb during their trial and loved it, the problem is the amount I use it doesn’t really warrant my paying the subscription fee for it.  I just didn’t use it enough to talk myself into paying for it.  Not because it not a good idea, I just always within a limited distance of my PC and/or I have my media synced to my Portable Media Center.  What I would really like it my PMC to support connecting to a wireless network and getting the stream from Orb directly.  Good job Orb!


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2 thoughts on “Orb Goes Free!

  1. This is really great news. I have been using ORB on the free trial for the last few weeks and it really rocks! I was even willing to pay the subscription fee. Hope the revenue they expect from partners keeps coming, I’d hate to see them go out of business now.

  2. This is great news! Between MSN Remote Record and Orb what more could a guy ask for?

    All of my digital content.. Any time, any place and on any (almost) device!

    Gosh, where have we heard that slogan before?


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