Thomas Hawk’s Dinner With Allchin

My Dinner With Microsoft’s Jim Allchin | Thomas Hawk got the interesting chance to have dinner with Jim Allchin, Evan Williams, Adam Hertz, Doug Kaye, Gabe Rivera, and Bob Wyman.  Check out his write up where topics from Longhorn to Media Center were discussed.    You guys need to make a trip down to Texas or I need to move up that way, so I can get in on some of this action!

mceAuction: eBay on Your MCE v1.0 Released

mceAuction | Christoph has also finsihed up the first final release of mceAuction which will allow you to do just about everything you could do with via your remote inside of Media Center.  It is now an official “eBay compatible application” and donations are needed in order to keep the program free and alive.  If Christoph can’t get enough to cover the money he has to pay to eBay, the plug-in will stop working.    

mceTapiRex Shows Skype Calls Inside of MCE!

mceTapiRex and TapiRex | Christoph Buenger’s mceTapiRex beta now will show incoming Skype calls inside of Media Center.  If you use Skype and MCE, check it out!  This also extends Caller ID functionally inside of MCE too.  He has also released an SDK for TapiRex.  

WMP Web Help Articles Pass 1,000,000 Views

Windows Media Player Web Help Articles | My collection of Windows Media Player issues that Microsoft doesn’t address correctly (IMO) have now hit over 1,000,000 web views.  1,000,000 views!  Seems like these might be things Microsoft should work better on, right?  A total of 1,151,398 views with all articles combined to be exact.  Leading the pack are the issues with AVI playback in WMP.  Guide To Error’s C00D109A, C00D109B, And C00D109C and Guide To AVI Playback combined with total web views of 342,685.

Cody Brocious Claims To Have Reverse-Engineered Napster’s DRM Methods?

Realm of the BlackBlade Clan (Cody Brocious’ Blog) | Cody Brocious, part developer of PyMusique is claiming that he is working on reverse-engineering purchasing music from Napster.  Here’s what he says….   This is the first release of the Musik framework for music store clients. In its current state, it supports the iTunes Music Store and the Napster Music store. We have not finished reverse-engineering the license issues we’re having, but we’re getting close and we should have a release within the next few days so you can use your purchases songs on OS’s not supported by MS.

AnandTech: MCE TV Tuner Roundup

MCE TV Tuner Roundup: Featuring ATI’s Theater 550 & NVIDIA’s NVTV | For this article, we took 6 of the most popular MCE compliant TV tuners and pitted them against one another, trying to figure out if there’s any difference between them all, and if there’s one clear winner.  The cards included in this roundup are: ATI’s eHome Wonder ATI’s TV Wonder Elite AverMedia M150 eMuzed Maui-II PCI PVR Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 NVIDIA’s dual tuner NVTV Now we just need an HDTV Tuner Roundup with the FusionHDTV, ATI HDTV WONDER, and the AVerTVHD MCE A180!   Added: Hardware MPEG2 TV Tuner Round-up … Continue reading AnandTech: MCE TV Tuner Roundup

AVerMedia Launches $90 HDTV Tuner!!

AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180 | AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180 is a full height PCI ATSC HDTV card for free over-the-air digital TV and full quality free over-the-air HDTV reception. It allows OEM/System Integrator to add value to their Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 PC.   No word yet no how good the card is with MCE 2005, but expect reports as early as next week.  This should be a good break for MCE 2005 users and let more people experience HDTV for very little upfront cost!  I say upfront cost because you can bet another hard drive will be purchased … Continue reading AVerMedia Launches $90 HDTV Tuner!!

NAB2005 Kicks Off This Sunday!

NAB2005 – The World’s Largest Electronic Media Show | NAB2005 will start this sunday, and I really wish I could go!  Just a few of those in the industry that will be speaking are John Gage of Sun, Kevin Martin (FCC Chairman), Shane Robison of HP, Mark Cuban of HDNet, and Steve Saylor of Adobe Systems.  HDTV, IPTV, VoD, Rights Management, Editing, Transcoding, Encoding, Compression, Hardware, Software, everything will be featured here.  I would expect some interesting announcements to come out of NAB about who’s doing what and how.   If anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket from TX … Continue reading NAB2005 Kicks Off This Sunday!

HD Era of Gaming Becoming Real!

All-Star Publishers Commit to Deliver Content for Next-Generation Xbox Platform | Microsoft Corp. today (April 8th, 2005) unveiled its all-star lineup of award-winning publishers committed to making the leap into the HD Era on Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox® platform.   The future Xbox will deliver on the company’s vision of the HD Era — an era fueled by consumer demand for experiences that are always connected, always personalized and always high-definition — through the amazing clarity of high-definition graphics, extraordinary benefits of constant connectedness and exceptional personalization abilities. To help make this a reality, Microsoft has assembled some of the most powerful … Continue reading HD Era of Gaming Becoming Real!