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Chris Lanier is an independent digital media and technology enthusiast (and Microsoft MVP — Media Center) in Katy/Houston, Texas.  His blog covers news, analysis, and personal opinions mainly focusing on Windows Media Center and related digital media technologies.  Press inquiries can be directed through the contact links below. Opinions expressed on this blog are that of Chris Lanier and do not represent that of Microsoft Corporation.  Chris Lanier is not a Microsoft employee. Contact Information E-mail Address: Here Submit Press Releases/Review Requests: Here Blog: http://msmvps.com/blogs/chrisl/ Location: Houston, Texas Occupation: Student InterestsDigital MediaNetworking/Information SecurityMusic/MoviesGamingHDTVCable/Sat Industry Tech/IPTVCustom ElectronicsHome AutomationHome TheaterPhotographySports CompTIA CertificationsA+, … Continue reading About Me

The Media Center Show #10

The Media Center Show #10 – Richard Schwab (MediaMadeEasy) DIY MCE | 30th May 2005 (44min 47sec) – MP3 – 15.4MB (Download Here)   This week I (Ian Dixon) talk to Richard Schwab of MediaMadeEasy, where we look at building your own Media Center PC.  I have some messages from the forums and a recap on the Digital TV project at Microsoft.  We have a winner in our competition to win MyRemoteMouse and I talk about a new competition to win mNewsCenter.   As always, like the show?  Vote for The Media Center show on Podcast Alley!

WMP 11 to Be Major Release; Beta This November

WinInfo Short Takes: Week of May 30 | According to Paul: Microsoft’s original plans for Windows Media Player (WMP) 11–formerly code-named Aurora–were fairly low-key, with just a few minor new features. That’s all changed: Microsoft has canceled Aurora, and the company is moving the Longhorn media player to XP. Now code-named Polaris, WMP 11 will be a major release. There’s just one problem:   Instead of shipping in November, as per the original plan, WMP 11 will now ship in a public beta during that month, coinciding with Longhorn Beta 2. The final release is roughly scheduled for early 2006.

Media Center Plug-Ins and Applications List Updated

Media Center Plug-Ins and Applications (Current List) | I got around to posting my updates to the list.  The whole list got an overhaul, including some much needed hyperlinking and organization.  Applications are now tagged if they are commerical or beta.  Donation links have been added for the developers who do this in their spare time and had viewable donation links on their websites/homepages. mce addons mce plug-ins mce plugins mce add-ons

Why HDTV Support in MCE Won’t Change Until Longhorn Arrives

A hot topic after the release of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 was when Microsoft would improve HDTV support (Technically it’s still a hot topic).  MCE 2005 brought us OTA HD, but that’s not enough for some people.  We want full Cable/Satellite HDTV support inside of Media Center.  We know that Media Center will support CableCARD’s at some point, you can hear that directly from Bill Gates in The Engadget Interview with Gates.  In fact, Gates sounded kind of dumbfounded when asked about CableCARD and Media Center.  CableCARD’s are seen as the way to bring premium content into our … Continue reading Why HDTV Support in MCE Won’t Change Until Longhorn Arrives

Update to Enable DXVA of WMV Content in Windows Media Player 10

FIX: Update to enable DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) of Windows Media Video content in Windows Media Player 10   SUMMARY This update enables Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) of Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) content in Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 for video cards when the drivers of those video cards are designed to take advantage of this feature.   MORE INFORMATIONNote This fix enables DXVA support after you meet the following prerequisites: The graphics adaptor must support this DXVA update. For more information, contact the driver vendor for the latest driver that supports DXVA. You must install hotfix 891122. … Continue reading Update to Enable DXVA of WMV Content in Windows Media Player 10

Power Compress: DVR-MS to WMV or AVI

NOTE: Purchasing this software is not recommended.  The company provides zero support and there are other free software choices that do a better job.  Think twice before purchasing, it is not advised.   Stand Up Against Power Compress! Deceptive Marketing, Support Issues, and More!   Power Compress | Power Compress is the Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) plug-in everyone has been waiting for! Power Compress makes it easy for you to convert your recorded TV shows from DVR-MS to Windows Media format. All your recorded video files can now be converted into a format that is up to 10 … Continue reading Power Compress: DVR-MS to WMV or AVI

Xbox 360 HD Videos

Xbox 360 HD Videos | What’s even better than reading about the latest E3 news and games? Seeing it! Here’s your one-stop destination for video coverage of the biggest gaming event of the year—straight from E3 to you. Call of Duty 2 E3 2005 Xbox 360 Video Condemned Xbox 360 E3 Video Dead Rising E3 2005 Xbox 360 Video Demonik E3 2005 Xbox 360 Video EA Compilation E3 2005 Xbox 360 Video Final Fantasy XI E3 2005 Xbox 360 Video Frame City Killer E3 2005 Xbox 360 Video Full Auto E3 2005 Xbox 360 Video Ghost Recon 3 E3 2005 Xbox … Continue reading Xbox 360 HD Videos

The Media Center Show #9

The Media Center Show #9 – Joe Harris (Orb Networks) | 23rd May 2005 (43min) – MP3 – 15.5MB   This week I (Ian Dixon) talk to Joe Harris VP of Marketing from Orb Networks.  Orb is a great product that allows you to stream your digital content around the internet all for free!   I played a message in to the Skype Line from James Kendrick (host of the The techADDICTION Show podcast) and read out an email from Niels Hjorhøy Wind.   Also I have details about the fantastic opportunity to work on a digital TV project at Microsoft … Continue reading The Media Center Show #9