3 thoughts on “Action Required: Broadcast Flag Still an Issue!

  1. I’ve always been amazed that you can in the USA, "sneak" something into another bill that has not a bloody thing to do with it and get it passed. Democratic? Not bloody likely in my book. I always found American democracy very strange and not so much democracy at all. I can add that I am from a country that is ranked way higher than USA in all studies about democracy.

    I mean, you stick into a bill that gives money to the troops that the government can raid your home and business and you have no right to discuss the matter nor protest. Gee, not one would dare to protest against that since then it just would be "You say no to our troops. Buuuuuhh" and it would be easier to squeeze a fat man through an eye of a needle than get reelected again. Now this? Why on earth do you put up with this? I am curious. I wouldn’t here but then I get screwed over by my politicians in other issues.

  2. Too true, too true… There was an attempt at a so-called "Line Item Veto" that basically gave the President the ability to veto any part of a bill down to a single line. That is in lieu of vetoing the entire bill. Obviously it didn’t pan out…

  3. It’s not just the USA that has these kinds of tricks. In Europe their doing a damn fine job of trying these same tactics. They tried to pass software patents an agricultural discussion..

    No broadcast flag yet, but since we’re lagging behind the USA anyway, it will be introduced as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

    Wasn’t the same tactic used in the movie Legally Blonde?

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