Ed Bott Says I’m Wrong About CableCARD and Media Center

When will HDTV over cable come to Media Center? | Just a few notes on Ed’s post…

  • First off, I hope so!

  • A CE device being hacked is much different to the industry then a PC.  A PC is “open“ from the start.

  • The bit on Multichannel News is actually leaning me to having HDTV support in MCE.  However, the article was published weeks ago and nothing had been announced by Microsoft, Cable Labs, or any hardware partners.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the next few months.  =)

2 thoughts on “Ed Bott Says I’m Wrong About CableCARD and Media Center

  1. I think we will have to wait till Longhorn.

    Why would MS want to give away HDTV in MCE 2005 when it would be a great feature to sell Longhorn Media Center. I would not blame then for keeping it for Longhorn

  2. Ian, Media Center 2005 already does HDTV! The only thing missing is the certified hardware to capture digital cable input and make it available to Media Center to decode. That doesn;t depend on the operating system.

    Honestly, if Microsoft could snap their fingers and make that hardware available today, they would.

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