My Movies 1.37 Released, 2.0 Currently In Development

My Movies for Media Center 2005 | Some HTML changed on IMDB which broke the data loader as of yesterday or today (depending on your time zone), 1.37 fixes that issue.


Brian has also started commercially licensing the source code, which is a good move in my mind.  Instead of charging for the product to end users, charge to license it to those who want to use it commercially.


Features planned for My Movies 2.0 include…

  • .NET Framework 2.0 based.

  • SQL Server Express 2005 database based instead of Microsoft Access.

  • Photos and Covers in database (Allows easy backup and copy of the database)

  • Easy Client/Server installation.

  • Filters (Create your own filters to pick movies from, based on contents of the database)

  • Multiple discs (Add a single title, holding more than one disc)

  • Series (Create series, and have them hold more titles)

  • New database design with optionally a lot more information about the movies.

  • Option for others to create additional data loaders as plug-ins.

  • Adding and removing of titles from Media Center interface.

  • Monitoring folders for automatic movie adding.

  • “Edit collection” interface to be replaced by “My Movies – Collection”, a much better collection management tool.

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