CNET Recommends My Blog?

CNET Newsburst | I’ve noticed some clicks from CNET Newsburst in the past, but the other day I visited the site to see what it was all about.  Newsburst is basically a web-based RSS Aggregator.  Nothing new or extremely exciting there, RSS is all over the place.


What got my attention was when I clicked on their Recommended Sources link to find non-other then my blog listed!  The most interesting part about that is where I’m listed and who else is associated with those categories.


I’m listed as a Recommended Source for news on Microsoft!  In the same group are none other then Mary Jo Foley (Microsoft Watch), Joe Wilcox (Microsoft Monitor), and Robert Scoble (Scobleizer).


I’m also listed as a Recommended Source under the Tech Blogs category.  In the same group as Doc Searls, Tim O’Reilly, Mark Cuban (Blog Maverick), and Dan Gillmor!


Just and interesting tidbit there!  And I’m sure if you use Newsburst to read my blog your thinking I’m crazy for just now realizing this, but that’s okay.  😉

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