Jason Dunn Not Exactly Happy With CD Copy Protection

My First Experience with a DRM Protected CD | “I put the CD into my computer and immediately a MediaMax installer pops up. I thought it was some lame “enhanced media player”, so I declined the EULA installer – and it ejected the CD. Shocked How curious! I put it back in, left the EULA installer open, and fired up WMP10 to rip the CD. After the first few tracks ripped, I listened to one – and it was a mash of skips and distortions. My first DRM’d CD! I looked at the CD case, and sure enough, there’s a paragraph on the back of the CD that explains that the CD is protected against “unauthorized copying” and the software needs to be installed in order to play the CD on a computer. It played fine in my wife’s car, but you have to install the MediaMax software to listen to it on a PC – and you can’t rip it. Interestingly enough there’s also no CD logo anywhere on the case – Philips must have revoked their logo because it’s not a compliant CD.“


I ran into the same type of thing a new weeks ago when I picked up the new Foo Fighters CD.  A press of the Shift Key later and it ripped fine.  If you have installed the software, System Restore in Windows XP will remove it and then you can rip it following the steps in Jason’s post.

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  1. Do you know if there is any problem in using these CD’s across platform types? I’ve got this new CD which has that EULA on it. I’ve just "agreed" so that I can listen to it. The problem is I’m on a PC at work. I have a Mac at home. Is this going to keep me from playing the album on my Mac now that I’ve loaded the software onto the PC?

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