Longhorn Gets RSS Support

Microsoft to Deliver RSS Support to End Users and Developers in Windows “Longhorn” |  Microsoft Corp. today announced support for RSS (Really Simple Syndication) in the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, code-named “Longhorn.” The RSS functionality in “Longhorn” is being designed to make it simple for end users to discover, view and subscribe to RSS feeds, as well as make it easier for developers to incorporate the rich capabilities of RSS into their applications. In addition, Microsoft announced Simple List Extensions, a set of extensions to RSS that can be used to enable Web sites to publish lists … Continue reading Longhorn Gets RSS Support

MPEG-4/AVC or VC-1 for IPTV Networks?

HDTV Pushes Telcos Toward MPEG-4 | Light Reading is reporting that most of the North American telcos are looking towards MPEG-4/AVC instead of Microsoft’s VC-1 for use in IPTV.   “…so far, encoder vendors report a clear preference among North American telcos for the MPEG-4 codec. In fact Alcatel America CTO Kenny Frank told Light Reading that Microsoft TV customer SBC Communications Inc. doesn’t plan to use Windows Media 9 in its IPTV network, preferring MPEG-4 instead.  European operators, sources say, are split evenly between MPEG-4 and Windows Media 9.”

The Media Center Show #14

The Media Center Show #14 – Eirik Solheim | 23rd July 2005 (1hour 7min 42sec) – MP3 – 23.6MB (Download Here)   This week Ian Dixon talked with Eirik Solheim.  Eirki did a great roundup of the different media center platforms on his blog so he shares his experience with The Media Center Show.  He is also involved with the Norwegian TV industry so will get his take on the digital media issues affecting the TV industry.   Also, get your Media Center development questions answered from Michael Creasy.  Send questions to isdixon@gmail.com   Remember, Vote for The Media Center show … Continue reading The Media Center Show #14

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder Platinum Trial

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder Platinum Trial   Release Notes Windows Media Player 10 and Media Center Edition, added seamless playback of ATSC and DVB transport streams in both SD and HD formats. Improved the smoothness of HD MPEG-2 material for Windows Media Player 10. Windows Media Encoder 9 – added support for UVYV output formats Set Smart de-interlacing control setting as the new default. Implemented a method for catching bad edits (gapping time stamps) from 3-2 film, and soften them in Smart mode. This helps eliminate the combing effect in some scenes of the “Making of the Big Lebowski.” Implemented support … Continue reading NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder Platinum Trial

S1Digital’s Media Center Just Lanuched

S1Digital’s Media Center | S1Digital has just launched their first Media Center Edition PCs, and they look great!  The first thing I noticed when I visited their website is how everything is clearly laid out, explaining exactly what you can do with a Media Center PC.  Prices of their units start at $2000 for their Gold Edition and $2500 for their Platinum HDTV Edition.  Check them out.  

Microsoft Watch Weighs In On Emerald

XP Media Center ‘Emerald’ Nears the Finish Line | Notable quotes… “Adding features like native digital cable support would be useful and make the platform more compelling. The other (features) would make the user experience better,” said Michael Cherry, Senior Analyst at Directions on Microsoft. But “calling (the pending release) an ‘upgrade’ is potentially misleading,” Bott said. “Windows XP Media Center Edition is only available as an OEM product. If someone is already enthusiastic about Media Center, they will probably want this update (which I suspect will be made available as a free update package). If they’re ready to get … Continue reading Microsoft Watch Weighs In On Emerald

My Movies 1.37 Released, 2.0 Currently In Development

My Movies for Media Center 2005 | Some HTML changed on IMDB which broke the data loader as of yesterday or today (depending on your time zone), 1.37 fixes that issue.   Brian has also started commercially licensing the source code, which is a good move in my mind.  Instead of charging for the product to end users, charge to license it to those who want to use it commercially.   Features planned for My Movies 2.0 include… .NET Framework 2.0 based. SQL Server Express 2005 database based instead of Microsoft Access. Photos and Covers in database (Allows easy backup … Continue reading My Movies 1.37 Released, 2.0 Currently In Development

Ed Bott Says I’m Wrong About CableCARD and Media Center

When will HDTV over cable come to Media Center? | Just a few notes on Ed’s post… First off, I hope so! A CE device being hacked is much different to the industry then a PC.  A PC is “open“ from the start. The bit on Multichannel News is actually leaning me to having HDTV support in MCE.  However, the article was published weeks ago and nothing had been announced by Microsoft, Cable Labs, or any hardware partners. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the next few months.  =)