One thought on “The Media Center Show #20

  1. I found it interesting that the Media Center developer dismissed Ian when he asked if the Media Center team will implement 2 mice drivers, a feature MANY people have been clamoring for. A feature which would allow you to work w/o interruption on your computer while someone else uses the remote to control Media Center that is being displayed on a 2nd monitor/TV set. The attitude of the developer basically implied that that was a ridiculous feature. "You can buy a $100+ Media Center extender that would serve that purpose. Why would you want to do multiple things with your computer?" That kind of short-sidedness tells me that the future of Media Center is bleak, that Microsoft will again not listen too heavily on what the users are clamoring for.

    If they really want Media Center to take off, they need to make Media Center more open so things like this that Microsoft might think is ridiculous could be created and implemented by the fans. I’d like to see Media Center allow 3rd party developers to be able to modify some of the core functions of Media Center, rather than be restricted to creating a non-integrated separate "More Programs" add-on.

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