2 thoughts on “Access ‘My Movies’ On Non-MCE Machines!

  1. Gee, sounds great! Now if only I could actually play them back on another XP box! Oh, wait! I can’t! At least not if it comes off of Showtime or HBO thanks to the MCE respecting CMGS-A!

    Seriously, it sounds like a nice idea. I don’t know about you, but most of the movies that I watch come off of premium cable that is unfortunately protected by CMGS-A and unavailable for remote playback unless Microsoft ever were to release their rumored Softsled extender for XP.

  2. It’s a good thing I know you are are Evan, because your comments being under a post that they don’t relate to is generally a perfect reason to delete them. 🙂

    I can’t argue with that, I have said it many times myself. That doesn’t change that the protection was already there however. The reason you can’t play it on another Windows machine is becuase Windows doesn’t do strait streaming of content. The video is streamed directly to an Extender. According to the rules that were set by the comapnies who developed CGMS-A, you can’t duplicate that copy of a recorded show. Again, the protection is there already and the rules set.

    So I wish I can do whatever I wanted with my HBO recordings? Sure. That’s doesn’t change my point about it already being protected. And it doesn’t change a reason why Microsoft should ignore it.

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