Inteset LLC: Un-bundle Your Multi-Zone Music Player, Please

Inteset LLC | Inteset Software has developed a Multi-Zone Music Player for their Denzel TP420-SD PC (Thanks Samsonite!).  The only problem is that there is a good size of the Media Center market that are interested in multi-zone audio, and they don’t want to buy new PC’s!  Here’s a plug for your company, please consider selling your software solutions un-bundle from your PC’s.  We all do realize that it is easier to support your software on the hardware that you also sell, but many Media Center users would love the addition of your software products to their setups. Thank you!



“You can control the 3 audio zones available on the Denzel TP420-SD, Inteset has developed the Multi-zone Music Player. This module functions seamlessly within Windows Media Center or in any Web browser so you have control of your music from the theater room or your wireless laptop computer.“  – Click Here for a Tour

Not only does Inteset develop software like their Multi-Zone Music Player, but they also sell some extremely nice looking Media Center PC’s.  So, if you are interested in a high-end system, check out what Inteset offers, including…

VANA VA6420 –  “Extend the media sensation from your home theater room to your bedroom. Experience uninhibited access to all of your digital media with the sleek and quiet VANA VA6420-SD media extender system.“


Denzel TP420 – “We’re now entering the most exciting era of home entertainment – the Digital World – Experience this new phenomenon with the Denzel TP420-SD, one of the most powerful digital entertainment systems available. Truly, this is A/V convergence at its finest…“

And just when you thought that was all Inteset offers, they have also developed Advanced Controller Modules that allow communication between Windows XP Media Center Edition and Crestron, AMX, ELAN, and other control panels!

“Inteset has built a full two-way communication protocol for communications between Windows Media Center and advanced control systems. You can control the Inteset Multi-zone Music Player and Windows Media Center  with a Crestron, AMX, Elan, or other control panels.” – Click Here for a Tour

On behalf of current and future Media Center owners, please re-consider your current software sales strategy.

Thanks again!

Chris Lanier

Update: Inteset has several reasons why they will not sell it standalone including the lack of ability to support the products running on different hardware.

4 thoughts on “Inteset LLC: Un-bundle Your Multi-Zone Music Player, Please

  1. *On behalf of current and future Media Center owners, please re-consider your current software sales strategy.*

    Can we get a hell yes to this comment?

    Multi-zone AMX functionality? *drool*, but I already have a brand spankin’ new WMC….PLEASE unbundle the software.

    AMX+WMC+MultiZone = Home Theater Nirvana

  2. Just talked to the company. Very cool stuff. They have customized MCE so when you are running a Denzel System and then plug in a Vana, the Vana sees the Denzel making all content on the Denzel (Music, Movies tv) available on the Vana. Also works in reverse. If you load the Vana with music, or record a tv prog on it the Denzel sees it and makes it viewable to all Vanas on the system.

    Prob with this stuff is the price. I already own 2 MCE machines. Would be nice if they sold the software for all the custimizations.

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