When Will Media Center Update Rollup 2 Ship?

According to Neowin, what we know now as Windows XP Media Center Edition Update Rollup 2 RTM’d on August 12th (Last Friday).  However, when might the actually web release be if it RTM’d on August 12th?  Take a trip down the Media Center release timeframe table and you should get a good idea of when it might ship (eg. be available for download).  I’ll have more of the content posted from Neowin later.


MCE v1 – Oct. 29, 2002

MCE 2004 – Sep. 30, 2003

MCE 2005/Update Rollup 1- Oct. 12/17, 2004

MCE 2005 Update Rollup 2 – ?

7 thoughts on “When Will Media Center Update Rollup 2 Ship?

  1. I’m very interested to find out what exactly is in this new release. According to Chris’s other blog entry which he links to, the release will have "Content Protection". That sounds a bit scary?! Is Microsoft going to make Media Center even more restrictive? I remember hearing awhile ago that Microsoft was going to implement a deadline which you can view your content. So if HBO says you have only 2 weeks to watch an episode of Entourage, then even if you were on vacation in those 2 weeks, you won’t be able to watch the episode. If this new update is going to have this kind of deadline feature, then it sounds to me that we shouldn’t update our Media Centers (if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it), and perhaps we should look into using a different DVR software technology which is more open and less in the beds of Hollywood execs.

  2. persumably the new media center keyboard is going to be sold aug 18 at bestbuy. i thought the rumor was rollup2 will have the drivers for the keyboard for support in mce 2005. doesn’t this mean the rollup will have to come out by the 18th?

  3. From the conversations I have had with Microsoft people they all refer to the update being out this "fall" which points to being September/October.

    But thats just me guess.

    I suspect it has somthing to do with Harware as well

  4. Here in Denmark, Media Center PCs will go on sale on the September 2. We have not had a Danish version of MCE2005 until now, and one of the things included in Rollup 2 is the support of additional locales.

    Thats a hint that we will see the update before too long.

  5. Yes, and what is actually making this release? It seems HD cablecard is out so there is not much left to be excited about. If we ever get to the point where MCE forces us to watch ads or limit content usage to a crippling point there will be a mass migratoin to Sage / BTV. There are other choices and MS must know this.

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