One thought on “Peter Near Shares His Opinion on DRM

  1. My opinion on this is really simple,

    Theres a little law known as the DCMA that basically says you cannot create something to circumvent copy protection. Microsoft’s stance on protecting content is pretty basic also, if it comes into MCE with protection, we will follow that protection. It would be really easy for MS to say everything is protected and you must use only the devices we have available. But they don’t.

    I don’t see why yelling about MS is everyones issue. Why aren’t you all yelling about your cable company also?

    IMHO, If your not happy with the law, MS is the wrong people to complain about. You should learn who your elected officals are, meet them and start constructively educating them about why the law should be changed.

    I really have no issues for how MCE works at all. I think its fair, the best they can do considering the law, and with minor annoyances still allows a lot of freedom.

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