AVerMedia Adds Dual Tuner Driver and XP Application for A180 HD Tuner

Avermedia Announces New Windows XP MCE 2005 Dual Driver and Windows XP Application for A180 Hi-Definition TV Tuner | AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of digital multimedia and presentation technology announced today the release of its Dual Tuner driver for the AVerTV HD MCE A180 Hi-Definition TV Tuner and Windows XP standard certified A180 Hi-Definition solution.


The AverTV HD MCE A180 is a certified PCI ATSC (Free-to-air) Hi-Definition TV Tuner card.  The new MCE certified driver will allow MCE 2005 users to watch one Digital TV program and record another, or record up to two Digital TV programs simultaneously, as well as up to two analog programs by installing two AVerTV HD MCE A180 cards and dual analog tuner cards.


“The addition of the Dual Tuner driver for MCE adds increased flexibility and value to the already popular AVerTV HD A180 TV Tuner,” says Dominic Wong, Technical Marketing Manager for AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.  “Now, users have the ability to not only watch HDTV, but they can record other HD programs at the same time through the MCE 2005 Operating System.”


AVerMedia is also announcing the release its own AVerTV PVR 6.0 for Windows XP Home/Professional Edition.  This new PVR application allows Windows XP users to enjoy free-to-air Hi-Definition TV without the MCE 2005 OS.  AVerTV PVR 6.0 allows users to enjoy HDTV viewing, recording and time-shifting functions with the AVerTV HD MCE A180.  In addition to HDTV viewing, the AVerTV PVR 6.0 application allows users to capture analog video, the edit with Windows Movie Maker.

9 thoughts on “AVerMedia Adds Dual Tuner Driver and XP Application for A180 HD Tuner

  1. So, does that mean to have dual HDTV tuners, you need 2 A180 cards PLUS 2 SD tuner cards? or do you now not need the SD cards? or can you do 2 A180 cards plus 1 SD card? Little confused as to the requirements…

  2. Should mean 2 HD card (A180) and 1 SD. Media Center itself still needs to see the SD tuner in there. I don’t think AVerMedia changed that with this driver (it’s not exactly easy to do)

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