Meedio Releases DVR Application to Record HD ATSC, DVB-S, and DVB-T Digital TV Broadcasts

Meedio Releases First Commercial DVR Application to Record High Definition ATSC, DVB-S, and DVB-T Digital TV Broadcasts | Meedio LLC, a leading provider of software for digital lifestyles released a free update to the Meedio TV digital video recorder (DVR) software today which adds support for viewing, time-shifting and recording standard and high definition digital TV broadcasts from ATSC and DVB sources. Meedio TV is the first commercial Windows® DVR to record digital TV from ATSC Over The Air (OTA), DVB-S, and DVB-T sources. Meedio TV includes a free electronic program guide (EPG) and is available at for only $39.99 with no monthly service fees.


Until now, consumers who wanted to take advantage of their existing Windows PCs to watch and record ATSC and DVB broadcasts were forced to have a commercial system builder replace their entire operating system with Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE). With Meedio TV, however, users of Windows XP Home, Pro, or MCE can download and install a standalone application on their existing PC in just a few minutes.


Meedio supports a number of analog TV tuner devices and expects to support additional devices with each new release. Today’s release adds to this growing list with support for the following digital TV tuner devices:

  • ATI HDTV Wonder

  • AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180

  • DVICO FusionHDTV 5

  • Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T

  • Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T USB2

  • TechnoTrend DVB-S and DVB-T

  • VBox DTA 151

Meedio TV is also available as part of the Meedio Pro bundle for only $79.99. Meedio Pro is a complete digital media center that enables users to enjoy digital photos, music, movies, TV, news, weather, and games through a customizable full-screen interface displayed on a TV and navigated with a remote control. Meedio Pro also includes free access to the Meedio Add-Ins Directory which contains over 200 third-party themes and plugins.

One thought on “Meedio Releases DVR Application to Record HD ATSC, DVB-S, and DVB-T Digital TV Broadcasts

  1. This ‘first with HDTV’ thing is a joke. This thing doesn’t even have HDTV listings or support for using HDTV and regular TV at the same time. More hot air from the folks at Meedio.

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