AVerMedia Adds Dual Tuner Driver and XP Application for A180 HD Tuner

Avermedia Announces New Windows XP MCE 2005 Dual Driver and Windows XP Application for A180 Hi-Definition TV Tuner | AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of digital multimedia and presentation technology announced today the release of its Dual Tuner driver for the AVerTV HD MCE A180 Hi-Definition TV Tuner and Windows XP standard certified A180 Hi-Definition solution.   The AverTV HD MCE A180 is a certified PCI ATSC (Free-to-air) Hi-Definition TV Tuner card.  The new MCE certified driver will allow MCE 2005 users to watch one Digital TV program and record another, or record up to two Digital TV programs … Continue reading AVerMedia Adds Dual Tuner Driver and XP Application for A180 HD Tuner

MCE Keyboard: The Missing Link?

Microsoft MCE Keyboard: The Missing Link (Toms Hardware) | “This keyboard will be perfect for all owners of Media Center PCs who want to use them in a living room environment. It’s much more ergonomic and better finished than other models currently on sale, and the mouse replacement is quite workable. The only big disadvantage of this keyboard is its price: $120 is a lot of money for a keyboard [Best Buy: $99.99] ”

Invalid Human Proof (CAPTCHA) Errors

Thanks to everyone for the e-mails about the “Invalid Human Proof” errors. This is something that the webmaster is aware of and is hopefully working at it fix. I can’t do anything to fix it personally, but do know it’s not exactly working as it should.

Your Company is NOT Ruined, SnapStream

Supposedly My Company is Ruined… (SnapStream Media Development) | The SnapStream Media Development blog picked up my latest post on Microsoft and DRM, and I would like to clarify a few points.    Quote: “The post talks about how Vista’s MCE (codenamed Diamond) is including enough DRM to keep the content providers happy enough to allow MCE to record/store their content.”   PVP-OPM will apply to Windows Vista as a whole, not just Media Center Edition.  The advantages will hopefully apply to third party products too!  I have said for years that Media Center isn’t for everyone (check The Green … Continue reading Your Company is NOT Ruined, SnapStream

PC PVR Needs Vista and PVP-OPM!

What Vista Media Center will do to 3rd Party DVRs | As many people out there don’t agree with my views on Microsoft building a system to apply playback and capture of protected media, I’ll shoot something else out there.  Without Microsoft adding a system like PVP-OPM to Windows, the consumer loses out on using their PC for a PVR.  The PC as a PVR is stuck until a secure system is built; this is a fact and can be seen in every PVR product for Windows, Linux, and Mac on the market today.  The content is already locked and … Continue reading PC PVR Needs Vista and PVP-OPM!

When Will Media Center Update Rollup 2 Ship?

According to Neowin, what we know now as Windows XP Media Center Edition Update Rollup 2 RTM’d on August 12th (Last Friday).  However, when might the actually web release be if it RTM’d on August 12th?  Take a trip down the Media Center release timeframe table and you should get a good idea of when it might ship (eg. be available for download).  I’ll have more of the content posted from Neowin later.   MCE v1 – Oct. 29, 2002 MCE 2004 – Sep. 30, 2003 MCE 2005/Update Rollup 1- Oct. 12/17, 2004 MCE 2005 Update Rollup 2 – ?

Inteset LLC: Un-bundle Your Multi-Zone Music Player, Please

Inteset LLC | Inteset Software has developed a Multi-Zone Music Player for their Denzel TP420-SD PC (Thanks Samsonite!).  The only problem is that there is a good size of the Media Center market that are interested in multi-zone audio, and they don’t want to buy new PC’s!  Here’s a plug for your company, please consider selling your software solutions un-bundle from your PC’s.  We all do realize that it is easier to support your software on the hardware that you also sell, but many Media Center users would love the addition of your software products to their setups. Thank you!     … Continue reading Inteset LLC: Un-bundle Your Multi-Zone Music Player, Please

The .NET Show: Windows XP Media Center Edition

In this episode John Canning, Charlie Owen, and Michael Creasy share with us some details about Windows XP Media Center Edition and how it provides an integrated home audio and video experience.   Download: 100k (61 MB), 300k (172 MB), Mobile (47 MB)