Showtime and MSN Video Team Up

SHOWTIME and MSN Video to Stream First Episode of “Barbershop: The Series” on MSN | The first episode of “Barbershop: The Series,” a new show that premieres this Sunday, Aug. 14 at 10 p.m. EDT and PDT on SHOWTIME, will be available for streaming in its entirety on MSN Video simultaneously with the series debut.   The first episode of the half-hour comedy series, which focuses on the interplay between an eclectic staff of haircutters and their customers at a Chicago barbershop, also can be viewed free at  The “Barbershop” pilot will be available on MSN for eight consecutive … Continue reading Showtime and MSN Video Team Up

Fred von Lohmann (EFF) Gets The Idea About Microsoft and DRM!

Why Microsoft is sucking up to Hollywood (and selling us out) | JD Lasica at Darknet has posted an interesting bit from Fred von Lohmann, an EFF attorney.  Most of this sounds shocking familiar to points I have argued in the past.  Everyone should really take a look.   I agree with almost the entire article, except the “selling us out” part in the title.  I still say that Microsoft is thinking of the consumer by developing the framework in their OS to allow the content into the PC.   The other point I don’t agree with is this comment…”(Of course, … Continue reading Fred von Lohmann (EFF) Gets The Idea About Microsoft and DRM!

The Media Center Show #20

The Media Center Show #20 | 11th August 2005 (56min 13sec) MP3 – 19.3MBMB (Download Here)   This week Ian Dixon talked with Matt Goyer from the eHome team at Microsoft about Media Center, extenders, power toys and much more.   Also some email from Alex Preston and Deepak Mahadevan and a Skype message sent in to the show.   Remember, Vote for The Media Center show on Podcast Alley!

Embedded Automation Releases mNewsCenter

Embedded Automation Releases mNewsCenter | mNewsCenter provides the opportunity to quickly and conveniently read blogs, listen to and/or view podcasts, or view any other news site that supports the increasing popular RSS protocol. Having been designed for Windows XP Media Center 2005, mNewsCenter is also able to be enjoyed on your TV from the comfort of your sofa. In addition, mNewsCenter provides a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface which is fully controllable with any media center remote control. Ability to view text, listen to audio, and/or watch video from any blog. Totally seamless with Windows XP Media Center 2005. Unlimited … Continue reading Embedded Automation Releases mNewsCenter

Xbox 360 Will NOT Kill Media Center

Xbox 360 Will Kill Media Center | Tim Coyle Says: “So let’s do a quick checklist – the Xbox 360 can pull music, photos, and video off of any computer (or device) with Windows Media Connect? And it can also rip CD’s right to the hard drive? Plus it can play high-end video games and eventually will play HD DVD’s? Sounds like a ‘media center’ to me.”   The Xbox 360 will not kill the Media Center PC, don’t worry about that.  The idea behind Media Center PC’s are that you get.. A full Windows XP PC The ability access … Continue reading Xbox 360 Will NOT Kill Media Center

What Happened To Portable Media Center’s?

Wherefore Art Thou Portable Media Center? | Jason Dunn at Digital Media Thoughts has an interesting piece of Creative’s new Zen Vision and where the new Portable Media Center’s are.  I brought this up a few months ago when the Zen Vision started to come to life.  Interesting.

Power Compress: Where’s My Trial Download?

NOTE: Purchasing this software is not recommended.  The company provides zero support and there are other free software choices that do a better job.  Think twice before purchasing, it is not advised.   Stand Up Against Power Compress! Deceptive Marketing, Support Issues, and More!   Months ago I e-mailed the folks at Power Compress and asked about a trial download of their software without having to charge my credit card first.  The answer I got was that it would most likely be available at the end of the month (this was May) and now months later there is still nothing. … Continue reading Power Compress: Where’s My Trial Download?