NVIDIA’s Next Gen Dual PVR Card

NVIDIA Next Gen Dual PVR Card | HTPCnews posted a bit about NVIDIA’s plans to offer a new dual tuner PVR card.  According to the PowerPoint slides it will feature the following…

  • PureVideo™ 3D Comb Filter (No Chroma Artifacts)
  • PureVideo™ 3D Noise Reduction
  • In-line TV Amp
  • Hardware MPEG Encoder
  • ISF Certification
  • MediaSqueeze™
  • And more!

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2 thoughts on “NVIDIA’s Next Gen Dual PVR Card

  1. I can’t tell is this OTA, HD, SD or what? Will it work with QAM? Personally I’m not going to get excited about anything that doesn’t support HD AND remove the cable box from the picture but maybe that is just me :).


  2. I agree it isn’t all that we all want CableCARD, etc. so in some ways the card isn’t all that impressive but that isn’t something NVIDIA can control. This looks to be an accelent standard def TV tuner.

    And thanks for the write up Chris!

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