This Is How It Should Work! Thank You

Thomas Hawk has been going on about his issues with Media Center (keep it going Thomas!!) and I would like to thank him for it.  I would also like to thank Matt Goyer, Charlie Owen, and the rest of the eHome division.


This is how it is supposed to work everyone.  Media Center has a community built around it that I have watched grow for years and years, while trying to help the growth by highly contributing my views on this blog, trying to keep The Green Button going, helping the higher end market accept Media Center and help them with their issues, contributing as much as I can to The Media Center Show podcast by Ian Dixon, and more!


Seeing any member of the eHome division step-up shows a lot about the team, and the product.  Media Center as a product is very much a roller coaster of broken features and shattered dreams for some.  Not being able to ship a feature that many want seems so much better to the community when the people making the product get a word in about it to the people that matter the most; the users, the consumer, the community!


Keep it up Matt and Charlie (et al.)!  Thomas, do the same (and I’m planning on replying to your views in another post soon).

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