AVerMedia To Launch MCE Media Expansion Card (PCIExpress!)

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of digital multimedia and presentation technology announced today that the AVerMedia AVerTVTM MCE Media Expansion Card won the Intel Technology Innovation Accelerated (TIA) Award for the Digital Home Category. The Intel TIA award is presented each year at the semi annual Intel Developers Forum (IDF) to recognize technological advancements and innovation while building off of Intel’s new platform strategy.


The AVerTV MCE Media Expansion Card is an x16 PCIExpress dual analog TV tuner featuring hardware MPEG2 compression. The Media Expansion Card has been designed around the Intel 945G platform SDVO interface technology in order to support its onboard DVI output capability. This concept allows users or systems integrators to build mainstream Media Center PCs with Dual TV tuners on an Intel 945G motherboard (featuring integrated graphics capabilities). AVerTV MCE Media Expansion Card designed specifically for use with the Intel motherboard.


Previously, the MCE platform required a high end and costly graphics card to actually process the video on the screen. These high-end cards also provided DVI output option for users using higher resolution LCD or Plasma monitor, however the combination of Intel’s integrated motherboard and the Media Expansion card eliminates the need for the additional high-end graphics card since the graphics and DVI output are included.


“Winning this award is a great honor for AVerMedia and a tribute to our technical and development expertise,” says Dominic Wong, Technical Marketing Manager for AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., USA. “Between our own internal innovation and relationships with such highly regarded organizations as Intel, AVerMedia will continue to be on the leading edge of multimedia technology.”


“Promoting technology leadership efforts driving Intel’s evolution to a platform strategy, the Technology Innovation Accelerated Awards recognize companies and individuals who take a creative approach in creating exciting new products through technologies that promise to exceed customer expectations,” said IDF General Manager Rob Chapman.


Pricing and Availability


The AVerMedia AVerTV MCE Media Expansion Card will be available in early Q4, 2005 at an MSRP of $199.99. For more information about any of AVerMedia’s other digital multimedia products, visit www.avermedia-usa.com or call AVerMedia at (408) 263-3828.

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One thought on “AVerMedia To Launch MCE Media Expansion Card (PCIExpress!)

  1. I’m sorry to learn that Avermedia again forces us to invest in soon to be extinct analog tuners. The last time was the HD MCE A180 PCI card, itself having an ATSC tuner, but requiring the PC to also have an analog TV tuner card installed in order for it to work. Its good to have video input and output including DVI on a single card, but analog TV fed via DVI to a digital display is no better and can be worse than s-video. Who’s this for. PC TV cards will never reach the mainstream. TV cards have always been products for hard-core hobbist and will continue to be dispite PC manufacturers pushing them in Media Center PCs as a combo PC/TV/PVR for small rooms. Analog TVs with 13 to 19 inch screens with built-in VCRs can be had for about $100, the price of an analog PC TV card, and are just fine for small rooms. I’ve read that soon to be obsolete small TVs still sell very well, and will probably find analog signals on cable systems deep into the future.

    The masses hardly program VCRs, and they use computers mostly for email and web access. Now, how many will really record TV programs on a computer. The masses also watch or desire to watch TV on a big screen. Now, if one has a PC tuner card and it has a DVI port, it’ll soon be hooked to a big screen TV, though the programming is analog. The user, remember he/she’s a hard-core hobbist, will soon desire a PC card with an ATSC tuner, just what Avermedia should have included in the first place.

    Maybe some of what I said is wrong, or just doesn’t apply to a lot of folks. But, for me, I already have two VCRs that I rarely use, two TVs with only analog tuners and two TVs with ATSC tuners, both also having analog tuners and one also having a QAM tuner.. Plus, I have an external HDTV tuner with ATSC and analog tuners, and an analog TV tuner in each of two PCs. The PC cards were under $50 each. Do I need another analog tuner. Go figure. Analog PC cards may already be like CB radios, "those who need one already has two of ’em."

    Oh, how do I use the PC TV cards? Well, I use one to record downconverted HDTV programs from the external HDTV tuner’s s-video port and burn treasured programs to DVDs. Otherwise, I record the analog evening news and rarely watch what I’ve recorded. I’ll continue this until PC card manufacturers understand my needs…an ATSC tuner on a PC card that also has a DVI port. It’s just as simple as that.

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