10 Foot World Launches In Online Spotlight

10 Foot World, Inc announced today that its first version of MCE web portal service will be part of Online Spotlight, the internet access section of Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. The inclusion of 10 Foot World into Online Spotlight will make web-surfing available from the comfort of your sofa. The initial version 10 Foot World 1.0 consists of live web content such as Media Center Guide, Horoscope, My Recipes, 10’ Bar, Current Movie Reviews and Daily Currency Watch.


Online Spotlight offers Windows® XP Media Center customers an easy way to find new software and services such as video, news, and music on-demand directly from the remote control. Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 makes it possible for third parties to build software that further enhances the 10-foot experience. Online Spotlight is a core part of Windows XP Media Center 2005 and has been specifically designed to bring the power of the Internet into the living room. All the sites have been custom built to ensure the user experience fits the Media Center environment and its unique 10 foot interface.


10 Foot World has been at the forefront of providing and packaging online content in MCE-friendly format. Our strategy of transferring and placing web content from traditional .com to 10’UI has proven to be effective as we are experiencing tremendous demand and interest for our services in North America and Europe. The partnership with Microsoft’s Online Spotlight is a natural progression of our effort to enhance the Media Center experience by merging web content with all other digital media within Media Center units. This partnership is also recognition of our market position and leadership in the 10-foot web arena – says Jury Balta, Senior Product Manager of 10 Foot World.

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8 thoughts on “10 Foot World Launches In Online Spotlight

  1. so this proves my suspision that you only get into the OnSpot if you know someone at a high position at M$. My requests to add my award-winning plugins to OnSpot have not even been answered and now such a plugin with this minimial extra value to the user is added to OnSpot!

    That is no real competition with equal chances to everybody, that is good-will on a high level.

    very frustrating…


    creator of

    – award-winning mceAuction, which brings eBay to your MCE

    – award-winning mceWeather, which shows your current weather, sat and forecast

    – real innovative mcePhone for Skype, which turns your MCE into a complete communication central

  2. The simplicity of that application is very valuable at this time I believe. Here at Intel we have been following the work of that company for a while now. Media center guide is a well made website with lots of great info. I love the interface that 10 foot world has built. Makes it even better when you get a full 10 foot world application. Maybe some of us see it in a different way like Christoph does. But honestly I thought this was not a place for putting companies down like that. They have done excellent and hard work over the past few months. And those award winning applications of yours Christoph have been responsible for freezing and crashing our computers at a lab several times just for the record.

    Thank you… and cheer up Christoph.

  3. I like what 10 foot brings especially the user guide and the beginning of the online content gathering. I actually even see the plugins listed obove on 10 foot world full version which should only help to distribute them…I would like to place our service on 10 foot..Pinto

  4. i haven’t said that 10 foot world is bad or ugly. i lke the UI too. at the current stage it has only limited content. earlier versions of 10 foot world had loads more plugins than the current version (17 announced in the 10 foot world forum at http://10footworld.groupee.net/groupee/forums/a/frm/f/1931025901).

    my plugins are far away from beeing perfect, i know that too (@kevin: any details on crashes are very welcome. i do not have a "lab" with that capabilities). all i want is a chance to present my work to a wider range of users.

    but leaving me unanswered for months and years (mceWeather’s initial application to OnSpot US was in august 2004!) makes me sad. understandable?

  5. "10 Foot World has been at the forefront of providing and packaging online content in MCE-friendly format."

    Ummm, I’ve owned an MCE machine for almost two years now, and today was the first day I’ve noticed you at my forefront.

    "…we are experiencing tremendous demand and interest for our services in North America and Europe."

    So far, in the Online Spotlight I only see your service satisfying a demand for the MCE help guide. Did Microsoft pay you guys well to create that for them?

  6. Seems like a local MCE plug-in client should be able to do this just as well rather then a service *shrug*. I guess I’ll have to poke at it some more to get what the hubub is about. Course with my bad eyesight at 10’ I need the 20’ interface :).

    I suspect spotlight has less to do with rewards and more to do with partnerships, revenue and deals. I really wouldn’t expect anything else and I’m not sure that is a bad thing, at least for MS.

    I like your modules quite a bit Christopher, even if the weather one does seem to make my box go a bit wacky some times. You might take a look at the MythTv one though, it’s nice how it gets the sat photo data for you :). Cool stuff and they *should* have a clean process for community type spot lights IMO, rather then just name brand partners.

  7. Finally they are out! I had them for 6 months already and now I can access them though OS. Their full version is way better, but you probably already know that. So for all the replies that went before me i would suggest that you get a full version from their site if you haven’t already. I believe they feature Eurosoccer scores, Daily News and many more other things. It is also free and you will then see clearly what they are doing. Congratulations guys.

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