Akimbo Launces "Preview" on Media Center

Akimbo Systems has launched a free-trial preview of its service on MCE.* It’s available now on Online Spotlight.


Over 5000 titles are there now from nearly 100 providers… all types of content from videoblogs to foreign content to independent film to archives of popular cable television channel programs.


Check the MLB condensed games! Great way to review the playoffs and now watch the World Series!


*NOTE: Akimbo has a basic-service level that contains about half of its content… all those titles are a part of Akimbo’s basic monthly fee (normally $9.99 per month). No monthly fee is charged during this test period, so those titles can be downloaded and viewed on MCE for free. HOWEVER, content marked with prices (Akimbo’s Premium content) WILL be charged, even during this preview. To try the service for free, look for categories within providers marked “Free for All” and enjoy those programs. Feel free to try premium titles also, but understand that those will be charged at the posted rates.


Feel free to add any questions or comments that you have about the service here.  They will be heard by the by the folks at Akimbo!  =)

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5 thoughts on “Akimbo Launces "Preview" on Media Center

  1. We are indeed live today with Akimbo for Media Center and are very interested in hearing from users and improving the service. As the posting says, there is no fee for the basic service and you can cancel any time during the trial period.

    Check it out and let us know what you think.

    Jim Funk

    VP Product Marketing

    Akimbo Systems

  2. Well I found Akimbo to be pretty disappointing at first blush. I did a very brief mini write up of my off the cuff impressions after spending some time with the service tonight.


    Maybe I just don’t get it, but almost everything is not free, which makes me wonder what the point is, it seems like very low ROI, especially given the monthly on top of expiring content that costs, on top of bandwidth etc.

    I’m going to keep poking at it for a couple weeks though and see if maybe I can see the value.

  3. This monthly fee is going to hold Akimbo back. People hate fees just for access, only to then find they still need to pay for most of the videos. They give a break of $169/lifetime to Akimbo machine buyers, which they probably don’t break even on, and charge full price to Media Center users who cost them far less in initial outlay.

    They need to try something similiar to Apple’s video downloads at $1.99/each. Or keep the per program pricing they have now, and just eliminate the monthly fee. You know iTunes doesn’t charge a monthly fee on top of the .99/song cost, and it works pretty well for them.

  4. I would rather see them dump the per item fee and stick with the flat monthly. They definitely need to loose the expiration date, your paying rent on something anyway, having it expire is just lame.

    Your yahoo music doesn’t go away after 7 days, and it doesn’t expire at all if you pay for it to go to a portable.

    This is one of the big problems right now though, the IP owners believe they hold all the cards so if you want to come to market you have to agree to some pretty dumb anti customer stuff. I’m down with things that won’t inflate the booming piracy market but I am not down with anything that tells me my show is going away or that I can’t skip or fast forward. That sort of nonsense just defeats the whole purpose of the DVR (something many IP owners would like to see happen so they can make the whole bad dream of disruptive technology go away).

    It’s an intresting service, but it seems to be a milking station right now. Moo mr customer let us work those utters on your wallet.

  5. I would have loved to try the Akimbo service, but I’ll be damned if i’m gonna give my credit number to a company in order to get a free trial! Either make the content compelling enough to get me to cough up my money upfront, or give me an honest free trial period

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