AkimboHD and Smart CEO’s and VP’s!

AkimboHD details straight from “Mr. Akimbo” himself! | Josh Goldman (Akimbo CEO) let slip on comments at HD Beat that AkmiboHD is a huge deal, and is in the works now!


“I’m a huge HD fan myself and have been a big advocate of Akimbo’s download model being the best way to deliver HD content today.  And I’ll stop being non-committal on the topic… this is a good place to make it known.  Yes, AkimboHD is coming and works right now on current HD-capable MCE devices.  We’re showing AkimboHD demos now to some press and partners. We haven’t officially “announced” it or launched it simply because we don’t want to launch with just a few demo titles.  We’re signing HD content deals now so that when AkimboHD launches there will be some good content there. It looks great of course…  You have a standing invite to come see it here in our offices if you’re in the area. “


Besides being extremely happy to see Akimbo get into Media Center with SD content and now HD content on the way, I would like to thank Josh Goldman, Jim Funk, and the rest of the guys at Akimbo!


Josh, the CEO is posting comments on blogs, I got an e-mail from Jim about my posting and he posted comments on my blog, and it just keeps going.  Great job getting out there to see what the users like and dislike!  Great job taking time to personally contact bloggers about your services.  More companies need this type of attitude today!

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