HP Takes a Second Look at Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD

HP to Blu-ray: Take us seriously, or we’ll join HD DVD | It seems that HP’s view on Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, Managed Copies, and iHD has shifted a bit.  In part, by some comments that I made online about the issue.


Quote: “HP’s perspective change began when the online publication eHomeUpgrade cited an extensive excerpt from our story, gathering commentary from other sources. In his personal blog, Chris Lanier, a Microsoft MVP (a professional developer who works with, though not for, Microsoft), responded by saying Peterson got his facts wrong about Advanced Access Content System (AACS), the principal Internet-oriented copy protection system which both Blu-ray and HD DVD claim to support.”


Quote:  “Peterson told us [TG Daily], when HP read the blog comments alleging HP was mistaken about AACS – particularly Peterson’s September comment that AACS gives studios the tools to determine which discs can be copied, and by whom – they began investigating their facts, and were surprised by the results. HP’s stand on AACS up until September, Peterson now acknowledges, was “based on our interpretation of what we’d been hearing from some of the studios within the BDA.”

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