Xbox 360 Launches

XBOX MANIA! | Thomas Hawk has a nice collection of this past weeks Xbox 360 launch!


The Xbox 360 in Videos | Jason Dunn has a series of videos of the new Xbox 360 posted too!


“Yesterday I [Jason Dunn] took a series of video clips with my Casio S500 digital camera showing various aspects of the Xbox 360, mostly focused on it’s capabilities as a digital media playback device and a Media Center Extender for my MCE 2005 PC. The videos are all 640 x 480, and 30fps, so they’re on the large side and will take a bit to download. They should play in Windows Media Player 10 on the PC without any extra codecs. They’re also a bit rough around the edges since I didn’t have a tripod and didn’t edit them, but I think you’ll find them interesting because they show the Xbox 360 in a very real-world environment. Please note that this is a Core system running over composite cables, so it’s not in high-definition (boo! hiss!). “

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