First Looks at Windows Vista Media Center

First Looks at Windows Vista Media Center (ExtremeTech) | “Today, we take a look at some of these changes, from Windows Vista beta build 5231. This is an early beta (technically still Beta 1) and Vista is still a year from release, but we can already see some significant changes. If you’re an MCE user, and even if you’re not, you may be fascinated to learn where Microsoft is taking the interface.”

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One thought on “First Looks at Windows Vista Media Center

  1. Someone should forward this to Paul Thurrott, he positively hates the Vista MC UI ( Since I use MCE for 98% watching TV I’m witholding my judgement until that functionality is reviewed (hoping for working TV Tuner functionality in the December CTP!) The real test will be plunking my wife down in front of it though. I tend to adapt quickly to new UI’s while if she can’t figure something out pretty much instantly it is branded as being a spawn of the devil. I realize I’m pretty much a sheep when it comes to interfaces, I contort myself around it’s expectations while she slaps it upside the head and says stop wasting my time.

    I’m wondering if there is a way to "turn off" the scrolling of albums by their covers? I have a lot of discs whose album art is pretty craptacular as well as a ton of songs that are remixes that were never on an offical album. Too bad they didn’t show screenshots of a song or artist view instead of just the album


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