Mobius 2005: Portable Media Center v2.0

2005: Portable Media Center v2.0
| “According to Pete Bernard, Group
Manager, Portable Media Centers represent the “tip of the sword” –
most of the innovations that Microsoft is creating around media comes from this
type of device, and the enhancements make their way down to Pocket PCs and
Smartphones. For the next generation of PMCs, they focused on several things:
making the devices cheaper, giving consumers more choice through giving the
OEMs options for differentiation (FM tuners, recording radio, PVR
functionality, DVB-H tuners, more CODECS, etc.), making the devices better
photography companions, ensuring that the devices look better (improved
industrial design), and focusing on content – enabling premium video content,
and creating a single content portal to drive consumers to the content they
want for their devices. That’s a big list – I wonder how they did at achieving
all those items?

New devices will have user interface extensions that allow OEMs to add new menu
items. OEMs will also be able to distribute new CODEC support via Flash ROM
updates. This is a great update, because it means that even though Microsoft
isn’t shipping a DivX CODEC on the device, if Creative Labs wants to, they
could – and after the fact at that. The lack of popular video codec support is
a huge issue with these devices, so this helps address that.”


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