Xbox 360 Could Output 1080p?

A Card Up Microsoft’s Sleeve? (HD Beat)
| ATI did clarify that although Microsoft isn’t
targeting 1080p (1920 x 1080) as a resolution for games, their GPU would be
able to handle the resolution with 4X AA enabled at no performance penalty.”

Hmmm.  So assuming
that a Digital
Output Dongle
is coming, and assuming that you will be
able to stream HD-DVD Managed Copies to an Xbox 360
, the Xbox 360 still
would still add up to Why
Microsoft is Still My Choice to Win Your Living Room
.  Even better if we will be able to stream
Managed Copies to the Xbox 360 with it outputting at 1080p, the Xbox would most
likely be one of the first sources for a “player”
that would output HD-DVD in progressive (1080p) and not interlaced (1080i)!  This is very interesting, but it still looks
like another year or so before we find out since that’s likely the first time
we would see a Digital
Output Dongle
for streaming HDTV recorded via a CableCARD
Or, another possibility is that Microsoft could release an add-on
external HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360.  This gives the ability to
use the 360 for HD-DVD’s, and no need for a re-release of the console
to add the functions.

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7 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Could Output 1080p?

  1. There are three questions that need answering before this can happen though. Unfortunately outside of a few engineers at ATI and MS probably no one knows the answer to them. With some investigation there may be some answers out there though. 1. Does the TMDS (which is supposedly integrated into the GPU) support digital output? The guess would be yes on this since there is no reason to remove the functionality since all PC based GPU’s have DVI interfaces now. 2. Does the TMDS support HDCP? ATI has just recently starting offering PC video cards that support HDCP, hopefully to support PVP-OPM in Vista. The chances are good on this but not for sure. 3. Can the AV connector on the 360 support digital connections? All the current connections are analog, so it comes down to what traces are available and how they can be configured. It is really a question of how forward thinking the 360 designers were. It is truly hard to believe DVI/HDMI with HDCP was left out of the possibilities with this console since they are mainstream already, but who knows. Also as you mentioned without HDCP there will be no streaming of protected content ever.

  2. Any chance they could do 1080P over the VGA for the games? That is the only way my 1080P Samsung will accept a 1080P signal. Most 1080P sets can’t even accept a 1080P signal from HDMI or VGA.

  3. One more reason to go PS3! lol. I have a rear-projection 1080i (Square) tv,Sony’s last and I actually prefer the X-Box’s 480p setting. Now I just need to get a TV that supports 1080p!! this is gonna be sick..

  4. Joe, if your tv supports up to 1080i, then why is it another reason to go POS3? The original Xbox only ran up to 480p, so how do you prefer 480p? Are you comparing it to HD content via cable or something? And if you are, you should have your head checked. 480p vs. 1080i? Come on man. No contest…

  5. Amazing foresight! The latest revelations inform us that 1080p is its way to the xbox. Now all we need is an HDMI cable.

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