Thinking About On-The-Fly DivX to WMV9 Transcoding

I’ve been thinking about a solution to transcoding DivX to
WMV9 for streaming to Extenders.  I’ve
come up with a few problems in the design using current hardware &
software.  The first is that one-pass
encoding is all that could be done, you really can’t do two-pass encoding.  This isn’t a deal breaking, but would mean a
lower quality streaming once transcoding. 
For SD material, I don’t think this would be a huge problem, although I
haven’t done any comparison testing.  I
would think anything above 720×480 would be out-of-the-question for on-the-fly
transcoding to WMV9.

The second issue might be a deal breaker.  I can’t really find any evidence that the
video is passed through DirectShow before it being put out on-the-wire.  What this means is that a transcoding
solution using DirectShow would never work using ‘My Videos’.  It does however mean that if Brian could add support to ‘My Movies’ for
the video to be passed to DirectShow first, then a transcoding solution might
just work.  Maybe Stephen Toub could be of some assistance
in creating a solution.

Anyone have other thoughts or any DirectShow/Media Center Developers
who could let me know if the idea would even be possible?

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4 thoughts on “Thinking About On-The-Fly DivX to WMV9 Transcoding

  1. What a ridiculous amount of totally unneeded effort by a untold number of people all so MS can make a market share grab with their crappy proprietary platform, it’s just sad. This whole thing combined with the lack of 360 availability drove me back to MythTV and using a old laptop as extender that just just enough oomph to put out HD. This whole issue only exists because of greed and as consumers we really shouldn’t reward it by working around the real problem they created for them.

  2. *snort* if that where true there would already have been blood in the water over it, but that is not what it’s about. It’s about supporting the most open standards, and most importantly giving folks what they want which is ways to use the data they have today… Not sending them off ot wast effort and resource on building work around to escape another proprietary trap. I have no connection to either company so I have no buy in bias, one only has to look at what is being to done to determine who is shafting who. MS was only one of the companies involved with the MPEG standards though so off hand the anti divx pdf is pretty heavily biased (just at a glance, mmm accusatory, inflammatory and utterly lacking in factual evidence). But there should be support for H.264, xvid then if not Divx etc. Hell it should support .mov for all that. What is not ok is saying this is extender to your media center but oh yeah you have to re-encode all your data and loose quality and everything in the process to make it work. Nobody is really selling mp3 cd’s in retail yet that is supported just fine (going back to the other silly MS argument that was posed).

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