Did Media Center Flop In 2005?

Last year, Phillip Swann said Media
Center would be the Biggest Flop of 2005
While Phillip is will maintaining is “Predictions”, he is dead wrong.  Phillip says “Some
might argue, but sales of the convergence PC has disappointed even its makers.”
 I’m laughing at Phillip right now, as I
usually am.

Let’s take a look back at Media
Center in 2005, and took ahead to Media Center
in 2006/2007.

According to Current Analysis, 43% of
all PCs for the week ending August 20, 2005 (Four Month Ago) where Media Center-based
.  While 71% of the PCs shipped
without a TV Tuner, Media
Center will be shipped on
nearly 50% of all PCs by year-end.  Now,
the question is did Media Center Flop In 2005? 
The answer is clearly no, it’s being shipped on nearly 50% of all PCs.  In addition, 130 PC
manufacturers and more than 7,000 system builders shipping Media Center 2005
.  I’m not sure how Philip sees
this as “disappointing to their makers”,
but he might actually want to talk to the manufacturers of PCs (or look at the
facts) before saying that sales of the PCs have been disappointing.  I’m not saying Media Center PCs were the
greatest success of 2005, however they didn’t flop.  It would have been nice to see 71% of the
machines ship with a TV Tuner, however if you look back at Phillips he said “the vast majority of Americans will never
— I will repeat that — never think of the PC as an entertainment device.”
  It’s time to explore quote for a
second time

Last year I covered why the average consumer does indeed see
the PC as an entertainment device, this year I’m only going to link to a few
new technologies that will allow the average consumer to use their PC as even
more of an entertainment device.  Intel
Viiv-based PCs
and the Xbox
.  Both of these, mixed with
several other technologies and devices will make consumers see the PC as more
of an entertainment device.

Now quickly to 2007, one word says it all: CableCARD!!

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3 thoughts on “Did Media Center Flop In 2005?

  1. it all depends on what you call a flop. I’ve been running MCE for a year with very good results, however this past weekend i purchased my first HD big screen. After futtzing around with a dvico HD tunner and hours of playing with assorted UHF antennas i finally gave in and order a dvr from the cable company (RCN) While i have very low expecatations for the DVR it’s the only way i can get my Sox and Pats in HD. So to answer your question– yes MCE flopped for me. I gave it my best shot, spent a bunch of money and it didn’t deliver for me.
    Yes cable card (might) be coming, but MS had thier oppurtunity in implementing QAM or Firewire but choose not to follow that path for fear of their partner’s reactions.
    MCE could have been a huge hit, instead they are being left as road kill unless they change their ways very soon.

  2. Luckily, even in 2005 the HD viewer market is relatively small. Add to that a recent study that shows the majority of HDTV owners believe that simply having an HD Television means anything they watch is automatically an HD source. Furthermore, MS must not be the only company that fears the reaction of the Various content players, as no other Company producing /selling an MCE’like product has anything that could be considered mainstream support for HD.

    Did MCE’s HD support flop? Yes, I think pretty much everyone will agree with that. But the product as a whole made fantastic inroads in the last year, as Chris pointed out. Vista WILL bring CableCard with WILL correct the HD support deficiency in MCE.

  3. Hey MattP, you mean there will be another NEW product to buy (Vista), not that MCE will be “corrected” to support HD. This new product will have stricter DRM which won’t make it any easier to use, and in fact will probably break a lot of tools people currently use.

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